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Friday, November 12, 2010

Weatherhead and Chargers Ahead of Pace to set All-Division Record

Hillsdale QB Troy Weatherhead has completed 220 of 282 passes this season at a 78% clip.

In GLIAC games he is 77% and barring utter disaster (less than 20% against 0-10 Tiffin), he will break Curt Anes' single season league mark of 69% for GLIAC only games set in 2001.

The record book is screwy in that it also lists Pat Riepma's Hillsdale record of 71% set in 1981.

There is a # sign next to indicating it came in an earlier version of the GLIAC (1973 to 1989).

In the 2010 record book, The NCAA doesn't have an individual percentage record listed. It is a team record and the minimum is 300 attempts.

Three other Hillsdale guys have completed 4 of 5 to make the team total 224 of 287. Hillsdale has to throw the ball 13 times on Saturday and if they can complete a decent percentage of those passes, they will set both All-Division and Division II marks for marksmanship. Even if the Chargers go 10 of 30 on Saturday, they will still be at 73.8%

All Divisions: 73.5% - Central Florida set in 1998
D2: 73.2% Colorado Mines set in 2004
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