Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Monday, November 15, 2010

Get on the bus!

Charger parent Dan Loy is working on organizing a parent/fan bus to and from Hillsdale.

Please contact Dan ASAP per the announcement below if you would like to get on the bus.

Hillsdale Charger Parents and Fans

Did driving to last year’s play-off game make the experience less enjoyable? Was the 10 + hour drive tiring?

Let Bianco do the driving. These are the same buses our players travel in to away games. The seats are comfortable for even our O- linemen.

Each bus has an onboard restroom, DVD player and Wi-Fi.

If we have 40 people or more the round trip cost is $140 person.

We have 3 options available to us.

Option #1 Leave early Friday morning arriving in the evening and staying at a hotel (cost yet to be determined), have breakfast/brunch go the game and Cheer our Chargers on to Victory. Return to the motel stay Saturday night (celebrating optional) then return Sunday arriving at Hillsdale in the evening.

Option#2 Depart Hillsdale Friday night arrive early Saturday, have breakfast, go to the game, stay at a hotel Saturday, return to Hillsdale Sunday evening.

Option#3 Depart Hillsdale Friday morning, stay at a hotel that evening, have breakfast/brunch, go to the game then return after the game arriving in Hillsdale early Sunday morning.

If you are interested please let me know ASAP as we have to notify the bus company by noon Wednesday. Please let know which option above you prefer, also please included a phone number as we may need to make confirmations quickly

My e-mail is My cell is: 614-832-8085

The cost of $140 is for the bus only. The room, food and game ticket are additional.



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