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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dude, where did you get that sweet trophy?

I saw this picture and something hit me....

Wayne State hoisted this beautiful South Division trophy just minutes after their final game victory at Findlay.

It's got the whole team's names engraved in it.

How did the GLIAC have that ready for them as soon as the game ended all of the way down in Findlay?

They didn't make it themselves and bring it with them did they? Nah.

That is exactly what Wayne State did. They had their own trophy made so that they could parade around with it. I guess the one from the GLIAC office wasn't going to be nice enough or they just couldn't wait. Well, at least they did a nice job with it.

The Warriors are mighty proud of be being the South Co-Champs, but they sure aren't using the word share or the prefix "Co" in any description of the accomplishment. Take a look at the official release from their win over Findlay. You would have thought they had won it outright...and don't try convincing any of their fans that they didn't. They claim the head to head win over Hillsdale is the tie breaker. What they don't know or pretend not to know is that the GLIAC doesn't break ties if teams finish with identical records. GLIAC Director of Media Relations Jeff Ligney confirmed this in email last week.

Now to be fair, I don't have any problems with them calling themselves champions. Heck, the items I have up on Cafe Press celebrating the Chargers' share just say South Division Champs. Both schools ARE still champions. I just find it a little...oh how should I say this?....interesting that a team would make its own trophy.
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Anonymous said...

A little jealous are we? Can't a team be proud of their accomplishments? It's not like Wayne State had an average season, they instead had the winnest season in school history. Hillsdale was fortunate enough to make the playoffs, while WSU was hosed out of them because of strength of schedule. Be happy of that fact, and not have to resort to trash talk because of Hillsdale might of lost to Wayne State.

Andy Losik said...

Jealous of what? That Wayne State has a nice trophy shop nearby?

Congrats to Wayne State on a nice season. As a member of a team in 1992 that won a share of the GLIAC title and went 9-2 but stayed home from the playoffs, I know what that feels like.

We just waited for the MIFC to deliver the trophy instead of making our own.

Anonymous said...

To the Hillsdale player who is a bit jealous......WSU deserves that trophy all by themselves...that is a GLIAC trophy and the names were put on at the last minute...WSU beat you fair and square(actually kind of all around beat you!)how you get to go to the playoffs and not WSU or even Mich Tech I will never know...they at least played Grand Valley! WSU had the best season all around and kind of got the shaft...the GLIAC needs to do something different with their set up within divisions who plays who...

Andy Losik said...

Listen. Nobody is jealous of anything. Hillsdale players are getting on an airplane in 24 hours and flying to the playoffs.

The only mention of the South title in Hillsdale, which Hillsdale shares with you per league rules...Yes they do. The league office told me about the BYOT party you guys had after the game.

Learn the playoff system. We played Grand Valley too. That was the difference.

That is not a GLIAC trophy. How did the league decide to give one to you on that day and not Grand Valley for the North...or the one that really matters the outright GLIAC championship?

Glad you guys had a nice season. Stuff like this just builds the rivalry bigger for next season and the future.

Mr. Ye' Speaks said...

AND JUST AS FAST AS HILLSDALE GOT on the plane...they got CLIPPED in the first round and heading back to the middle of bum-FN-nowhere MI! Stop the what it is! GO WARRIORS!!!

Andy Losik said...

No hate. Woulda been interesting to see how Wayne State and Mohner handled the five guys St Cloud was bringing on the blitz over and over and over.

See you next fall in the middle of bum-FN-nowhere MI. It is what it is and it is a darn nice trophy.

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