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Tradition • Character • Service

Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 in Review: Weatherhead shatters all divisions record

Ever since the Chargers dropped their playoff game at St. Cloud State on Saturday a whole wave of memories from this season have been rolling over me. There were a few "couldas" but mainly a ton of "WOWs".

All this week I will be taking a look back at the individual and team accomplishments that not only stood out this year, but are high water marks in a storied 119 year old program filled with great moments.

Weatherhead shatters all-division record for single-season completion percentage

No quarterback in the history of college football, at any level has completed a higher percentage of his passes than Troy Weatherhead did in 2010. The NCAA counts this as a team record so Matt Bryan, Brad Otterbein, and Mike Blanchard get some credit here too.

The old record was set by Daunte Culpepper and Central Florida in 1997. The Knights completed 302 of 411 passes for a 73.5%. Weatherhead and the Chargers bested that 13 year old record by 2.2% having completed 287 of 379 passes over 12 games.

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