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Tradition • Character • Service

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I wonder if Molly will be at the game.

Thanks to friends in the right places, I learned of a very funny St. Cloud related skating cheerleader story.

Way back in 2001 when St. Cloud State played Michigan in the hockey regional held at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, skating cheerleader Molly McGannon didn't like the reception from the Michigan fans.

A year later when St. Cloud had to return to the Great Lake State and the regional on Michigan's home rink, Molly let her feelings be known in print.

“The University of Michigan fans are like combining (North Dakota) Sioux fans and Minnesota Gophers fans,” McGannon told the St. Cloud Times a few days before the game. “They’re horrible people. It’s like they’ve never seen hockey cheerleaders.

“Their band was obnoxious, horrible, not very welcoming at all. Now it’s going to be on their home ice, and they’ll be worse.”

The quotes were quickly picked up and printed in the Michigan student paper. As the "We Can't Hear You Blog" put it, "For 24 hours Molly McGannon was the most hated person in Ann Arbor."

According to reports from the game, Michigan fans did nothing to disappoint Molly's assessment. They waved dollar bills and chanted vulgar stuff and that woulda been that until the skating mascot Blizzard decided he was going to defend Molly's honor and take on the Michigan team. During UM introductions Blizzard started skating across the red line and taunting the Wolverines with this hockey stick. Michigan defenseman Mike Komasierek had seen enough and slashed the stick out of Blizzard's hands. But Blizzard must have been really ticked now because he did the unthinkable and tripped a Michigan player. It didn't take the Wolverines long before they jumped Blizzard and began to pound the snot out of him.

The night would culminate in a $10,000 fine from the NCAA stating the University failed to control its crowd. But, Michigan won 5-3 and advanced the next night to the Frozen Four with a win over U Denver.

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