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Tradition • Character • Service

Friday, March 27, 2009

Audio: RJ Walters Asks Otter about Spring Ball

Spring football kicked off this Tuesday.

All 15 practices are open to the public.

Take a listen to RJ and Otter. Interview from March 27, 2009

Karp gets nod at Indiana's Franklin Central

Southside Times
March 26, 2009

Franklin Central High School recently announced that the Flashes have a new head football coach, Mike Karpinski. Karpinski is a Health and Physical Education teacher in his 9th year at Franklin Central. During his time at FCHS, he’s been involved with the football program, serving as assistant coach at many levels. Previous to his time at FCHS, Karpinski coached football at the University of Indianapolis for six years.

Full article

Mike is a 1991 graduate of Hillsdale College and was an all-conference defensive back while at Hillsdale.

Sunday, March 15, 2009 Bracket Challenge 2009

This year's version of the Bracket Challenge takes place at Facebook.

Anybody with a Facebook account can join and show they are the Charger fan with the best picks.

Bracket Challenge

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch Lady Chargers open NCAA Tourney Live: 2:30 PM EDT, Friday

Then NCAA is webcasting all of the quarterfinal action from Northern Kentucky University today as Hillsdale College opens up NCAA tournament play.

The 2009 GLIAC champs take on the University of Indianapolis at 2:30 PM.

Follow this link and then click on the "NCAA I choose Division II" icon. You need Microsoft Silverlight installed. Get it here for free.

Go Chargers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Collegian: Korte and Waldie test in pro days as NFL hopefuls

Korte and Waldie test in pro days as NFL hopefuls
By: Casey Cheney
Posted: 3/12/09 in the Hillsdale Collegian

Tomorrow, seniors wide receiver Aaron Waldie and linebacker Tom Korte of the Hillsdale Chargers will participate in the University of Michigan's pro day - their second pro day this week.

In the past, the University of Michigan pro day has been specific to U of M players, but in his first year as the Wolverine's head coach, Rich Rodriquez opened the event to outside players as well.

Korte said he talked with a friend on the Wolverine's football team who in turn talked to the coach about allowing Korte and Waldie to participate.

"He was more than willing to help us out," Korte said.

They speculate they would be the only two non-Wolverine players participating.

"We're hoping a different crowd of scouts will be there," Korte said, adding that performing for a diverse group improves their chances.

They competed at Grand Valley State University Monday with other NCAA Division II athletes. Pro days generally consist of seven general tests (e.g. bench, vertical jump and shuttle) and one position-specific exercise.

At this pro day, Waldie and Korte estimated about 20 scouts came out to watch, a surprising turnout for a Division II pro day.

"That's two-thirds of the league coming to see a D-2 pro day," Waldie said.

"I saw everyone with their shirts, and I was like, 'Holy crap.'"

At one point, the scouts separated six of the players of particular interest to perform a 60 yard long shuttle. Both Waldie and Korte were among the six.

"Waldie and I were a big interest," Korte said.

Both said they were anxious to get their numbers on the board and see where it got them.

"Once you got moving, it was actually a lot of fun," Korte said.

For the four hours they were testing, Korte and Waldie said a team mentality developed amongst the participants.

"We're all competing against each other, but we were all going after the same goal," Korte said.

Waldie added that nerves faded once he realized they were all in the same boat.

Afterward, they said they talked with several of the scouts (including those of Jacksonville and New York), though little about their performance was revealed.

"They kind of came in, got their numbers and left," Korte said. "They keep their notes close to their chests. They don't give you any leads."

While both felt they performed well, they anticipate improvement at tomorrow's event, now that they have a better idea of what to expect.

"We helped ourselves out," Korte said. "I think on Friday we'll be more relaxed."

In the months preceding this week, Waldie and Korte trained with the track team (Waldie as a member of the team and Korte in practices). They said the track workouts peaked right in time for the pro days. Track coach Jeff Forino also set them up with a lifting program.

They said their workouts have mostly tapered off over the last two weeks. The past week has consisted mostly of stretching, ice baths and plenty of food and sleep.

"There's definitely a science to it," said Korte, who is used to the continuous workout schedule done for football.

"We had so much more energy, we wanted to keep working out," Waldie added.

With one pro day down and plenty of training under their belts, Waldie and Korte said they're ready for tomorrow's events but are staying humble.

"I'm still kind of awestruck," Waldie said. "I don't feel like we're better than anyone else."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aaron Waldie and Tom Korte Put Skills on Display at GVSU Pro Day

Find more videos like this on Chargerblue Space

Aaron Waldie's 4.47 40 yard dash (above) put him atop wide receivers as pro scouts gathered at Grand Valley's turf building to watch several GLIAC seniors put their skills on display. Waldie also had a fiery 3.91-second short shuttle and an 11.52-second long-shuttle. Waldie's numbers are on par with other WR at the NFL combine. Compare.

The other Charger trying to turn heads was senior linebacker Tom Korte would weighed in at 236 pounds and went on to run in the 4.6's in the 40. Korte turned in a 4.12 in the short shuttle and 11.9 in the long shuttle. With the bench press bar set at 225 pounds, Korte turned in 21 reps. Take a look at how competitive Korte's numbers are with the "elite" who performed at last month's NFL combine. Link

Numbers as reported by Kyle Schwerin at

Find more videos like this on Chargerblue Space

Monday, March 09, 2009

88% of Chargers set new personal records at Lift-a-thon

The Charger Lift-a-thon proved to be neck and neck battle between heavyweight contenders offensive lineman Jared Veldheer and defensive lineman Mark Yassay. Veldheer eventually got the best of Yassay with a record breaking 425 pound hang-clean lift shown below.

The top 4 weight classes all saw all-time marks fall with hang-cleans of 380 pounds by RS-F linebacker Ridge Riebold (200-224 class), 355 pounds by TE Matt Terhune (225-249 class), 375 by OL Phil Doerffler (250-274), as well as Veldheer's mark which is the program's all-time lift. Defensive back Will Danko won the 174 and under class and Joe Stempien another linebacker won the 175-199 class.

Overall, the Charger staff was very pleased with the effort as 88 percent of the 68 athletes involved broke personal records.

Find more videos like this on Chargerblue Space

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chargers add Livonia Churchill Linebacker


Livonia Churchill linebacker Devin Moynihan, a two-time first-team All-Observer and All-KLAA South Division selection who led the Chargers in tackles, has committed to play football next fall for Hillsdale College.


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