Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Read on Former Charger Dave Misfud

Band of brothers
Close-knit Pioneers have thrived
Terry Foster / The Detroit News
FERNDALE -- Five days before Dearborn's season opener, Pioneers coach Dave Mifsud called a private meeting with his team captains and key senior players. On the surface it seemed like just another football meeting that hundreds of coached have around the country.
But the talk was not about football. That weekend, Mifsud's brother-in-law, Chris Mayone, 44, died suddenly while training for a marathon. The Mifsud family was devastated. Mayone was his best friend and the brother of his wife, Corrine.
As the words rolled from their coach's mouth, a transformation began within the players.
For weeks they spoke about becoming more of a family. The day they were eliminated from the state playoffs last season they felt a disconnect. This goal of bringing whites and Arabs and blacks together was not working the way they wanted.
They vowed to become a band of brothers because deep inside, they felt love for one another, even during turbulent times. They talked about becoming blood brothers. They made up T-shirts that said "14-0" and "2006 state champions." They dreamed of being a family and riding that bond to a state title and gaining friends for life.
Team becomes a family
But this news changed everybody. Now it was more than putting words on T-shirts. Now it was time to put actions before words. From that day, the Pioneers turned from boys to men. More importantly, they learned the essence of being a family.
If you ask anybody why this team will face Warren DeLaSalle (10-2) in Saturday's Division II state semifinal at Ferndale, they will tell you the Pioneers became more than a team and a dream. They became a family.
The Pioneers (11-1) used that bond to avenge a loss to Allen Park, 21-7, to advance to Saturday's game.
The heartfelt talk was a defining moment. Players knew what their coach was going through. Earlier this summer, Mifsud's dad and Pioneers super fan, Joe, suffered a stroke in his home state of Florida. And the rehabilitation has been long and difficult. The players did not want to be a burden. They wanted Mifsud to focus on his own family and not worry as much about the team.
Assistant coach Jamie Griegnon offered to take a bigger role and reminded his friend to remember the three 'F' 's that mean so much to him -- family, friends and football.
"When something happens to your family I will be there to take care of the football aspect of it," Griegnon said he told Mifsud. "You just tell me what you want."
There were a couple of incidents early in the season that might have divided this team. But players and assistants took care of it. They kept it so close and fixed the problem so cleanly not even Mifsud is clear of all the details.
"They (players) took care of it right away," Griegnon said. "This was the kids' way of saying we are focused."
Little things mean a lot
The simple things counted.
It might have been as simple as linebacker Amir Rustom saying a prayer in Arabic just as he would if this were his own family member. It was as simple as defensive tackle Mike Ajami and wide receiver Danny McKae making sure there was peace in the dressing room or nose tackle Mohamad Kassab preaching brotherhood. And it was as simple as the rest of the players going up to quarterback Anthony Mifsud, Dave's son, or their coach and just asking how they were doing. They no longer talked to Anthony or Dave as a coach or teacher or teammate. They spoke to them as family.
"We did not want that to affect coach, so we had to step up as leaders and put more responsibility on senior leadership," Ajami said. "We wanted to make sure coach had an easier time in practice and he could stick to the basics."
Pioneers have matured
But this is something the team had to learn. Two years ago, many of these players were freshmen and sophomores or reserve players watching Dearborn reach the semifinals. Last year, they were too immature and divided to make the same run.
This year, things changed.
"It was like when we were on the practice field we were not white, black, Arabic or whatever," Joe Jakcsy said. "We were all Dearborn Pioneer orange."
Kassab's house often is a gathering place for players. He teaches his brothers Arabic so they can communicate in his household and to open them to his culture. He also learns from the other cultures in the dressing room.
"You have to trust each other off the field," Kassab said. "All this brotherhood leads to being a good team."
Like any other team, there were other mishaps. Rustom thought his season was over when he injured a shoulder. He might still require surgery but will return.
Jakcsy won't play in the DeLaSalle game because he suffered a broken leg in the second round of the playoffs, but he goes to each practice on crutches. Both were showered with love during their darkest moments.
"After I got hurt I never felt so much love from a group of guys," Jakcsy said. "Two of my brothers gave me a kiss on the cheek to show me how much they appreciated everything I had done up to that point."
Dearborn athletic director Roy Gurk said the family extends to the staff. He said at least two dozen teachers and administrators have asked to chip in and help Mifsud, whether it is watching a class or offering food.
"People have come out of the woodwork for Dave," Gurk said. "They ask, 'What can I do for Dave?' "
How tight are the Pioneers? Safety Scott Abramouski has a photo of him and Rustom tackling a Fordson player with the caption of, "Me and my brother making a tackle."
That is what makes this team work. Through the course of death and illness, pain and suffering the Pioneers learned that blood is thicker than water.
You can reach Terry Foster at or (313) 222-1494.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Korte, Gurica, Kell, 1st Team All-GLIAC

Junior Nick Gurica turned heads last season as primarily a punt returner. This year he made people around the GLIAC take notice by leading the conference in total receptions with 57. Gurica's 2006 performance has earned him a spot on the GLIAC first-team offense that was announced Monday evening.

Also earning first team all league honors are team MVP, sophomore linebacker Tom Korte and junior defensive back Jared Kell. both players led the GLIAC in tackles and interceptions respectively. Korte led the Chargers in tackles all 11 games while Kell had the amazing 2 interception, 2 fumble recovery game against Indianapolis.

Earning 2nd team honors are senior RB and Hillsdale's #2 all-time rusher Phil Martin, soph. OL Josiah Swartz, and soph. DL Eric Weber.

Chargers named as honorable mention include: Steve Balone (Sr./LB), Andy Dion (Sr./DL), Greg Dixon (Sr./HB), Mark Nicolet (Jr./QB), Mike Pavelich (Sr./TE), and Mark Scott (Sr./LB).

Congratulations to these Chargers.

Full Release from

Monday, November 13, 2006

Korte named MVP, other award winners named

The Hillsdale College football program announced the winners of its season awards at the annual banquet yesterday.

Roy Beck Most Valuable Player: Soph. LB Tom Korte (led GLIAC in total tackles with 134, led team in tackles all 11 games)
Offensive Freshman of the Year: Jared Veldheer
Defensive Freshman of the Year: Jared Knudsen
Leonard Urbonick Award for Scholarship, Leadership and Ability: Jr. WR Nick Gurica (led GLIAC with 57 receptions)
Every Player Every Play Award: Sr. TE Mike Pavelich, Sr. DL Andy Dion, Sr. MLB Steve Balone
One Play Warrior Award: Soph. DB Alex Wojcik
Outstanding Offensive Back: Jr. QB Mark Nicolet
Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Soph. Josiah Swartz
Joe Vijuk Outstanding Defensive Lineman: Soph. Eric Weber
Ralph Miller III Outstanding Linebacker: Tom Korte
Outstanding Defensive Back: Soph. DB Palmer Schoening
Howard Champ Messenger Award: Sr. RB Brett Neller
Captains Award: Sr. RB Phil Martin, Sr. LB Steve Balone, Mark Nicolet

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chargers Hand Out Post-Season Awards

Special to
by Andy Brown
WCSR play-by-play

Another postseason banquet with much of what we have come to expect. Prime rib in the buffet line and plenty of interesting speeches by the senior players. I have always wished that they would have the senior speeches before the season. It would be nice to know these guys a little bit before watching them play. That would give us some context when broadcasting the games. The blurbs in the media guide are nice, but the insight we gain at these banquets is really special. Again, almost all of the players began to cry when thanking their families and teammates. The highlight of the speeches probably came when Coach Otterbein tried to cut off his son Steve whose speech was easily the longest of the afternoon.

It was interesting to hear about the trials and tribulations of guys like Steve Balone and Andy Dion. Andy Dion claimed that the training staff had to increase their budget to afford tape to keep him playing. Balone's speech about watching the last two games from the sidelines was particularly touching. He said that whenever Tom Korte made a big play, he came off the sidelines and told Steve he was doing it for him. I felt particulary bad for Aaron Scholl. That young man is a class act all of the way--and I wish he could have stayed healty this year. It would have been great to see him on the bussiness end of some Mark Nicolet passes.

I guess if there was a surprise, it was that Phil Martin was shut out of the postseason awards. The most valuable offensive back award went to Mark Nicolet, and the team MVP award was given to sophomore linebacker Tom Korte. Martin leaves Hillsdale as the second leading rusher in school history, but doesn't win an award? That was a surprise to me---but I totally agree. The team MVP award was voted by the players, and who can argue with their choice? Tom Korte was more than just the best player on this team, he was the emotional leader. It is perhaps a bit more surprising that Nicolet beat out Martin for outstanding offensive back. However, the way that Nicolet ran this offense, especially in the second half of the season, put him over the top. Martin will absolutely be missed, and his place in the record books is secure, but good quarterbacks are worth their weight in gold.

Looking back on the year one cannot surpress at least a slight feeling of disapointment. With the schedule the Chargers had this year, a winning season was not too much to expect, and 8-3 was not out of the question. Barry Fagan told me before the banquet he could not believe that they didn't finish at least 8-3, and would not have been surprised at an even better record. Coach Otterbein said that they were just a half dozen plays away from 8 or 9 victories and possibly a postseason birth. Unfortunately, after three seasons of 4-7, the Chargers were only able to muster their second consecutive year at 5-6. Perhaps with Korte and Nicolet coming back, along with the entire offensive line, and a similarly favorable schedule next year, we will finally experience that elusive winning season. I can tell you this much, the coaches and players have already begun working toward that end. Playoffs next year? In the words of Barry Fagan, we are this close to a breakout year--and next year is as good as any other.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


After leading Saginaw Valley by a 22-21 score in the 3rd quarter, the Cardinals rolled off 25 straihgt points to secure the victory.

Hillsdale falls 46 to 30 and ends up 5 and 6 on the season for the 2nd straight year.

Congratulations to all seniors for all they put into their Charger careers.

Phil Martin had 81 yards giving him 1014 for the season. Brett Neller scored twice in his final game.

More details will be posted on the main page when stats become available.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chargers Beat Findlay

Hillsdale evens its record to 5-5 with a GLIAC victory over visiting Findlay.

Phil Martin scored Hillsdale's only touchdown in the 2nd quarter to put Hillsdale up 6-0. Mark Petro added the extra point.

Petro would end the first half by knocking through a fieldgoal to make it 10-0.

Findlay would score on their first possession of the second half, but the Charger defense preserved the win when Tom Korte picked off a pass inside 2 minutes that would have put the Oilers on top.

Steve Otterbein repeated the task with 16 seconds left to seal the victory.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

34 Game Winning Streak might be Threatened

I seem to be a great big freaking Jinx lately so I figure now is the perfect time to post this.

It is Halloween....and Grand Valley needs 13 wins to break Hillsdale's D2 record 34 game winning streak. They currently stand at 22 straight wins (overall, not conference, not regular season, overall).

If they win the next two (23, 24), they will be enjoying a first round bye. It will take 4 more to win the national championship (25-28).

If they continue winning to start next season the record could be tied in Erie against Mercyhurst and then broken at home in Allendale against Indianapolis (coached by a former Hillsdale player and coach) on Saturday October 12. It would come 50 years after the record was set.

I wonder if the Lakers continue to win, how long it will be before members of the 1954-57 Hillsdale Dales start showing up on the sidelines of Grand Valley games the way members of the '72 Dolphins do whenever a team gets close to going undefeated.

Yes, Gorilla Nation we all know who snapped Hillsdale's record in the 1957 Holiday Bowl.

It is a long way to go, and I will be sure to listen to every Grand Valley game with my black cat "Lucky". My wife and daughter bought Lucky when I was on a quick trip to Vegas. I quit playing when I got the news. And it's a mighty Good Thing!!!

Lucky slept all spring on my patio/craps table. Subsequently, my year plus long streak of winning with the bones came to a screeching halt in June. Maybe i need to sneak Lucky into Laker Coach Chuck Martin's garage for the night....Ahhh, I would hate to disturb the sleep of Grand Rapids Press writer Howie Beardsley.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lots more Pictures

Thanks to Nancy Rumsey, there are now pictures from the Wayne State, Tiffin, and Mercyhurst game posted on the Flickr site.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Brutal: Chargers Lose

Chargers fall 24-14 to Tiffin
October 28, 2006
Hillsdale (4-5) Drops Non-League game at ranked Tiffin (9-0)

My mama said that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. So, this one is gonna be short.

Hillsdale controlled the ball most of the first half in Tiffin territory but couldn’t find the endzone. Tiffin possessed the ball twice in Hillsdale territory during the first half. The scored on a short pass and then added a field goal with 5 seconds left in the half after Charger Matt Van Over fumbled the snap on what should have been a final punt to end the half.

The Chargers came out and blew down the field to open the second half. Phil Martin plowed in from the 4 to put Hillsdale within 3. Tiffin had an answer for every score including a Mark Nicolet to Aaron Waldie touchdown pass in the 4th quarter. This was definitely not the way the Chargers drilled Mercyhurst last weekend.

Bottom line: This mother was brutal!

Brutal weather. Mark Petro put his foot into two first half field goals that would have been good on any day other than this one.

5 penalties at crucial times killed any hope of winning. Two pass interference penalties extended Tiffin possessions. Holding hamstrung the offense and an inexcusable unnecessary roughness penalty gave the Dragons life after Hillsdale had stopped Tiffin on the most critical 3rd down play of the game.

Tififn had 191 yards rushing. Hillsdale had 41.

Tiffin had the ball 5 minutes more.

The Dragons move to 9-0 and deserve credit.

Thank God this one is over.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hillsdale Collegian: The Price of Freedom

The price of freedom

By Sarah Ishak
Collegian Freelancer

Parents weekend is traditionally the time when students show off their collegiate achievements to their parents. For one Hillsdale College football player, however, the weekend brought a fan from across the world. Senior tailback Brett Neller was able to play at home on Saturday in front of his father, Maj. Gen. Robert Neller, who is stationed in Iraq for a year. The general was on a two-week vacation and made sure to attend his son’s two games during the stretch.

General Neller arrived late on Oct. 13 and attended his first Charger game at Wayne State University the next day � a game in which starting senior Phil Martin was injured in the first quarter, giving Brett the opportunity to play out the rest of the game in front of a quiet but proud father. During the game, the general spoke little of himself and instead went on to list his son’s recent achievements � how Brett walked on to the team and battled with injuries for two years. The general called his son a “resilient player” driven by “pure love of the game.”

Brett’s past two games are not the only ones the general has followed � he keeps up with his son’s season while overseas. Even though the general is unable to listen to the games live online, he regularly checks the score, and, thanks to head football Coach Keith Otterbein, watches game CDs.

“I appreciate the fact that [Otterbein] thinks enough of me to send me the CD,” General Neller said.

Otterbein, having missed some of his own sons’ high school games, said he does it because he can “sympathize” with the general’s situation.

“It’s killing him,” Otterbein said. “He loves football. He’s been around Brett and his career.”

In addition, Otterbein said he wants to do all he can for those serving America overseas. “[It’s] my way of saying thank you,” Otterbein said. “I just respect what General Neller is doing . . . to protect our freedom.”

After Saturday’s home game, Coach Otterbein gave the general the game ball, which Brett said that his father plans to take back to Iraq and put in the Operations Center. This gesture means a great deal for the other officers stationed in Camp Fallujah, since they too have been following the Chargers this season. Brett says he has received voicemails from officers commenting on his games. The general talked about how the men’s love of football keeps them together by reminding them of home and their children.

But there is not much room for weakness in a military family.

“There is a lot of emotion and sentimentality in a military family,” Brett said. “But you learn to be very strong and not wear all of your emotions on your sleeve.”

Although he can’t call his son before every game, the general sends Brett a weekly e-mail advising him to “Run hard, stay low, deliver the blow.” Brett says his father has told him that since high school. And although Brett can’t see his father after every game, he said that his teammates’ families are very welcoming of him.

“All the families are really supportive,” Brett said. “I feel like I’ve been adopted by all the Charger families. They’ve been awesome.”

Though it can be hard not to have his father around for his final season of football, Brett said he understands his father’s sacrifice.

“I wish he could be here at every game,” Brett said. “But I understand why he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Hillsdale Collegian: QB status

The Quarterback Status

It’s been a wild few weeks for the Charger Quarterbacks.

Mark Nicolet, the starter, was supposed to be out for the year with a knee injury. He has returned to the starting lineup.

Aaron Scholl, the backup, was also supposed to be sidelined with a hamstring injury, but he returned to action in the fourth quarter on Saturday.

Brad Otterbein, who was supposed to play out the season for Scholl and Nicolet, is now out for the season with a shoulder injury.

Compiled by Sarah Ishak

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Schulte's Record Falls

Michigan Tech's Lee Marana is now the GLIAC's all-time leading rusher.
His 213 yards on Saturday vs. Northern Michigan pushed him ahead of former Charger Scott Schulte who had been the league's all-time leading rusher since 1993. In conference play, Marana has 4,381 yards, besting Schulte, who had 4,245 yards for Hillsdale from 1990-93.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Photo: I couldn't resist!

Okay Chargers,

Don't say I never gave you anything! I was scanning some old football pictures from the 1994 Winona when I ran across this priceless gem. You can find even more pics of your fearless dean in this volume as well as the 92, 93, and 95 editions. I think the library probably has them on file. See how long before they get mysteriously pulled in some Central Hall directive!

Chargers Will Way to League Win

Chargers will way to league victory

Hillsdale Daily News, Oct. 23, 2006
Rich McGowan, Sports Editor

Hillsdale College was told to impose its will on Mercyhurst College. And on Saturday, the Chargers did just that.

On Friday Army General Robert Neller, father of senior running back Brett Neller, spoke to the team and told them of the importance of imposing one’s will on another in battle. The Chargers listened and proceeded to dominate Mercyhurst College to the tune of a 40–21 win.

“(Gen. Neller said) In any conflict the victor is the one that is able to impose their will on the other guy,” said Hillsdale coach Keith Otterbein. “If nobody surrenders then you get those close games, and we’ve had a lot of those where no one surrendered. I think today we were able to capture their will and impose our will on them.”

“He came and talked to us yesterday and really got us pumped up and got us ready to go,” said running back Phil Martin. I think that was a big part of it. “It was brilliant I can’t even describe it. He was a great speaker.”

The Chargers began to impose their will on the Lakers by forcing Mercyhurst turn–overs on its first two possessions and then taking advantage. Hills–dale scored first–quarter touchdowns on a 3–yard run by Greg Dixon and a 2–yard pass from Mark Nicolet to Andrew Hesselink.

“We played well and got off to a good start and when you get ahead and don’t have to come from behind there is a different feeling,” Otterbein said. “There wasn’t any difference in the preparation in the week it’s just the momentum of the game we were able to make plays early and gain that momentum.”

Martin would add another score with 3:54 to play in the first half to lift the Chargers to a 21–6 lead at halftime. Martin showed no ill effects form leaving last week’s game in the early going due to a knee injury as he ran for 135 yards on 17 carries Saturday. He went on a 57–yard jaunt early in the third quarter which set up a 1–yard touchdown by Brett Neller.

“Our offensive pretty much dominated their defensive line and our receivers put a hat on the DBs and I just had to run,” Martin said.

The Charger defense meanwhile held the Lakers’ offense in check. After early success running the ball, Mercyhurst struggled to move the ball in the second half.

“In the first half there was a few technical errors, a few mistakes, guys just not being in the right posts,” said senior linebacker Steve Balone. “We just fixed everything at halftime and it went really smooth.”

The win lifts the Chargers back up to .500 at 4–4 overall and in the GLIAC. Mercyhurst falls to 2–6. Next week Hillsdale travels to non–conference foe Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio.

More Great Photos

Thanks for all of the great photos that fans have been sending!

Craig Edwards has some awesome shots of the NMU, Indy, and Mercyhurst games online here.

Mary Veldheer also sent in some shots I will be uploading to our Flickr site in the coming days.

Chargers Smoke Mercyhurst

Sorry I wasn't able to give much coverage to the Chargers this past weekend. A family trip to the Great White North...okay Grey North kept me away from most forms of communication. and the podcast will be back on top of things this week.

Here are some articles from around the web:
Hillsdale 40, Mercyhurst 21: At Hillsdale, Mich., Hillsdale jumped to a 21-6 halftime lead and it was too much for Mercyhurst in a GLIAC game.

The Lakers outscored Hillsdale 15-10 in the fourth quarter.

Four different Hillsdale rushers scored touchdowns. Phil Martin carried 17 times for 147 yards and a touchdown for Hillsdale. The Chargers had 449 yards of total offense, including 326 on the ground.

Quarterback Mark Nicolet completed 10-of-14 passes for 114 yards and a touchdown.

For the Lakers, Richard Stokes ran for 138 yards on 23 carries and a score, as Mercyhurst totaled 315 yards of offense. Joe Laffey led the passing attack with six passes for 80 yards and a touchdown.

The Lakers (2-6 overall, 2-6 GLIAC) had 175 yards of rushing offense. The Chargers improved to 4-4, 4-4.

Official Release from Hillsdale:
Oct. 21, 2006 - As Hillsdale College celebrated Parents' Weekend, there was nothing like a little home cooking to get the Charger football team back into the win column.

The Chargers rushed for a season-high 312 yards in a 40-21 victory over Mercyhurst College Saturday afternoon at Muddy Waters Stadium. Hillsdale is back to the .500 mark for the season with a 4-4 record. The Lakers fall to 2-6.

Over the past two seasons, the Chargers have enjoyed some of their biggest wins over Mercyhurst and the other GLIAC school from Erie, Gannon. Since the start of the 2005 season, Hillsdale has gone 4-0 vs. Gannon and Mercyhurst, outscoring the two teams 158-51. The Chargers' 40-21 win over the Lakers was the identical score from last year's contest, played in Erie.

The Hillsdale offensive line turned in its finest performance of the season, not allowing a sack while doing an outstanding job of blocking the Laker front seven. The Charger running backs averaged 6.4 yards per carry as a team, and had five players gain at least 36 yards on the ground.


Podcast Snaffoo!

Last week I mistakenly linked to the wrong file. Here is last week's podcast.

Click to listen to last week's episode.

This week features highlights from this past Saturday's loss to Wayne State.

Major props to:
Hillsdale Students
Rich McGowan and the Daily News
HC Administration's tribute to Muddy

A peek at Mercyhurst

GOOF: I mistankenly stated that the Chargers were winless on the road but unbeaten at home. I stand corrected. HC beat Gannon in Erie on Week 1, but lost to NMU at home in Week 2. My bad!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Athletes Honor Muddy

Hillsdale Collegian
October 12, 2006

Athletes honor ‘Muddy’

By Angeline Riesterer
Editor in Chief

Student-athletes traded jerseys and helmets for skirts and ties when they gathered Sunday with alumni, faculty and staff to honor the life of Hillsdale College’s legendary football coach, Frank “Muddy” Waters.

Some 500 people attended the memorial service in Jesse Philips Arena to pay respect to an extraordinary man—a man who knew half the attendees personally and whose legend inspires the other, younger half now practicing and competing on the field named after him.

“Muddy’s bones are buried in East Lansing, but his heart and soul will remain at Hillsdale,” said Bill Baldwin, ’63, who played guard and linebacker on the Charger football team during four of the 20 years Waters coached at Hillsdale.

During the memorial service, President Larry Arnn spoke of Waters’ enduring legacy at Hillsdale. His remarks were followed by those of George Guerre, a former Michigan State University running back who played alongside Waters, who was a “darn good fullback.”

Guerre shared college memories of Waters and spoke of his 60-year-old friendship with Waters. Guerre described Waters as a genuine gentleman, a man who “conforms to a high standard of correct behavior,” he said.

Full Story

New Podcast Now Online....better late than never.

Check out the latest edition of the Charger Comment at its webspace.

Highlight from Wayne State.
A salute to Charger backers.
A peek at Mercyhurst

Friday, October 13, 2006

Schulte Honored for Grid Work

Delphos Ohio Herald
October 12, 2006

ST. MARYS — There are moments in life that cause us to step back and look at our past.

Delphos native Scott Schulte had one of those chances on Sept. 23 when he became the youngest member ever to enter the Hillsdale College Athletic Hall of Fame during an induction reception and dinner held at the Dow Center on the college’s campus.

Dr. Larry Arn, president of Hillsdale College, introduced the inductees, along with Tony Flynn, who was master of ceremonies.

“Scott is perhaps the finest running back to ever wear the Charger blue. He had the amazing ability to turn a play that looked like a disaster in the backfield into a game-changing breakaway to the end zone,” Flynn said. “Scott set records at Hillsdale that will be very tough for anyone to break. He has nearly twice as many rushing yards as anyone in school history, finishing his incredible career in 1993 with 4,495 yards on the ground. He holds three of the top five single-season rushing totals, with a high of 1,582 yards in 1992, the most by any Hillsdale running back in its history.”

Flynn also recounted Schulte’s other accolades: a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics All-American in 1992 and 1993; Michigan Intercollegiate Football Conference Player of the Year in 1992 and 1993; and a Harlon Hill Trophy candidate in 1993.

He also holds the school record for rushing attempts in a season with 300 in 1993.

He signed as a free agent for the Miami Dolphins in 1993 before being a victim in one of the team’s final cuts. He also was cut from Saskatchewan of the Canadian Football League before hanging up the cleats.

Enshrinement ceremonies were conducted at halftime of the Hillsdale and Ferris State game.

For Schulte, the whole event brought closure to his athletic career.

“It was a great honor to be inducted. To be on that turf again and hear the cheers one more time was a special moment,” Schulte began. “It brought back a lot of memories: to be able to go to a school that is as well-respected as Hillsdale, that has a long tradition in college football. I think at one time not too long ago, it was the winningest program in Division II because of men like Muddy Waters, who just passed away. There were expectations when I went there and to be a part of that tradition is fulfilling.”

The ceremony made the 1989 St. John’s graduate reflect on his playing days even in high school.

“When I was at St. John’s, we had had a couple of good years a few years before but we struggled my first two years. My junior year, we went 6-4 and to be part of the beginnings of what you see now is great; I take a lot of pride in that and what’s gone on since at the school,” he continued. “At Hillsdale, I stepped into a great tradition that was well-established and I hope I was part of keeping it going. I get a feeling of pride when I think about it.

“Sure, I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted — I would have liked to have played pro ball — but as I look back now, I see I did accomplish a lot; so much of it was off the field. The friendships, the people that I met along the way, made it all the more special. I feel very fortunate to have attended the places I did and to have known the people I did.”

As he enters his seventh year of coaching football at St. Marys Memorial, he hopes he can pass on his experiences to those he mentors.

“I try to apply what I’ve learned from the coaches I’ve played under to today’s players. I know what it’s like to work hard and get to a certain level; that never changes,” he added.

His brother, Todd, who followed him to Hillsdale and is currently the head football coach at St. John’s, felt he had a good teacher in his older brother.

“I was three years behind him and I tried to follow in his footsteps. He led by example on and off the field, whether in the weight room or agilities or sprints; whatever he had to do, he did it,” the younger Schulte began. “I saw first-hand what hard work can do. He taught me all his secrets at St. John’s and at Hillsdale and he had a pretty good career.

“It was special for all of us when he got inducted into the Hall. He set a lot of school records and he was very deserving of that honor.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chargers on TV in Detroit Area

Hillsdale's game at Wayne St. on Saturday will be aired live via Comcast Cable in the Detroit Area.

If anyone is willing to tape or DVD it for me, please email me and we can set up an arrangement to cover the cost of the disc/tape and shipping.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jared Kell named GLIAC Defensive Player of the Week

Jared Kell named GLIAC Defensive Player of the Week: "Jared Kell named GLIAC Defensive Player of the Week

Oct. 8, 2006 - TThe Hillsdale College football team delivered one of its best defensive performances of the season Saturday afternoon, and a player from that unit earned a conference honor as a result.

Junior safety Jared Kell (Wyandotte, Mich.) was named the GLIAC Defensive Player of the Week Sunday evening. Kell was a leader of a superior defensive effort in Hillsdale’s 14-13 Homecoming win over the University of Indianapolis at Muddy Waters Stadium.

Kell intercepted two passes and recovered two fumbles for the victorious Chargers. Three of those four turnovers came in the game’s final eight minutes. Kell intercepted an Indy pass at the Hillsdale 2-yard-line with 5:58 left in the fourth quarter. That interception led to the Chargers’ game-winning, 98-yard drive that pushed the team into the lead.

Kell later intercepted a pass with 52 seconds left that killed Indianapolis’ final drive of the ballgame. Kell scooped up a fumble in the second quarter, that also led to a touchdown drive by Hillsdale. Kell’s other fumble recovery came at the 8:11 mark of the fourth quarter. Kell added five solo tackles and six total tackles to his superb game. The Charger defense held the Greyhounds to 21 points below their conference-leading scoring average.

Kell currently leads Hillsdale with four interceptions on the season and four fumble recoveries. The Chargers are now 3-3 on the season and will play at Wayne State University Saturday at 12:10 p.m."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


New podcast posted at The Charger Comment Site.

Hear and download audio of "The Drive" and a Fred Bear Remix with Charger Highlights.

Also new updates at our Flickr page.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Drive

Listen to the closing minutes of Saturday's thriller!

I took the WCSR call and broke it down with a little help from Garage Band.



Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gutsy Win for Chargers

Despite losing starting QB and captain Mark Nicolet with a knee injury, the Chargers fought back from a 13-0 to beat Indy 14-13 for a Homecoming win bringing them to 3-3 on the season.

Great job fellas!

Details will follow.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hillsdale College works up ‘fever pitch’

Hillsdale College works up ‘fever pitch’

Rich McGowan, Sports Editor

Hillsdale College students, past and present, will converge on campus in the next few days as the school celebrates its annual Home—coming weekend.

Highlighted by the Chargers’ foot—ball game against Indianapolis on Saturday, the weekend will see a number of events designed to welcome back former students and give current students a number of activities to enjoy as well.

“It’s a huge event for the whole campus, not just alums,” said Joyce Curby, Coordinator of Alumni events and programs. “The stu—dents are very involved in what’s going on and everybody’s working up to a fever pitch at this point.”

The weekend kicks off Friday evening with the Alumni Awards Banquet. The dinner will recognize the achievements of Hillsdale College graduates. Distinguished Alumni Awards will be handed out to Carolann Coppler Barker (1964 ), J. Wickliffe Ach (1970 ) and Dr. James Seward, who will also be the keynote speaker at the Alumni Academic Interest session at 10 a.m. Saturday in Lane Hall.

Professor Emeritus Thomas Carstens, Julie Talley (1980 ) and Susan McColl (1962 ) will receive the Tower Award for outstanding service to the college. Arthur Thomas will be given an honorary Alumni Award, Darrell Morton (1964 ) will be awarded the Teacher/Coach Awards and Aaron Streett (1999 ) and Scot Simpson (2001 ) will get the Gold Award for professional achievement within 10 years of graduation.

Friday night, a bonfire with a pep rally and fireworks will be held from 9 p.m. to midnight at the Lower Fields.

A car show will be held on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Sage Center/Howard Hall lots.

That same day will also be tailgating picnics before and after the Chargers play host to Indianapolis at 2:30.

After the game from 8 p.m. to 11:30, the Charger Tent Party will feature music from Otis Day and the Knights.

“We wanted to have a big exciting event and have alums come back to campus and see all the new buildings and enjoy being here,” Curby said. “And we thought that would be a great band to bridge all the generations. It’ll be a lot of fun.”

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chargers come up short against MTU and Short

Chargers get close, but can’t find endzone often enough

After starting the game with a 30 yard completion from Mark Nicolet to Chad Gurica, it looked like the Charger offense would have its way with Michigan Tech. The Huskies’ defense would have a stellar first half, stopping deep Charger drives twice on 4th down.

Hillsdale kicked an apparent fieldgoal but Keith Otterbein and his staff took the points off the board when an off-sides penalty by the Huskies gave Hillsdale the first down. Before the Chargers could convert, MTU took the ball away an interception to limit Hillsdale to 6 first half points.

The Chargers’ lone score of the first half was an 18 yard pass from Nicolet to Gurica. Mark Petro’s extra point was blocked. 14-6 Tech at the half.

After MTU’s Lee Marana picked up a fumble by his own QB for a 17 yard touchdown, the Charger defense made its own noise in the second half. Tom Korte sacked MTU quarterback Steve Short on a 4th down attempt. The Chargers then picked up a break a series later when the Chargers recovered a muffed punt.

Hillsdale drew within 2 points midway through the 4th quarter when Nicolet kept an option and snuck in from the 1. On the conversion attempt, throwback pass from Phil Martin to Nicolet was complete but the Charger qb could get into the endzone for the tie.

The Huskies used ball-contol to burn the final 6 minutes, handing Hillsdale its 3rd loss of the season. 14 to 12.

Nicolet had the most accurate day of his career completing 18 of 22 passes for 204 yards, 1 passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown.

Nick Gurica had a huge day catching 9 balls for 141 yards and a touchdown.

Phil Martin beocmes the 2nd player in Hillsdale history to eclipse 3000 yards. He had 59 yards on 20 carries in this game.

Hillsdale-Tech Update

Hillsdale 6
MTU 7 (H)

Rushing 38yds.
Passing 165 yds.
Nicolet 12/14 165 yds. 1TD 1INT
Gurica: TD 7 catches/ 119 yds.
Jared Kell: Int.

Rushing 88 yds.
Passing 73 yds.
QB Steve Short: 7/10 73 1INT 1TD

Friday, September 29, 2006

Close game has happy ending for Chargers

Full Story from The Hillsdale Collegian
Saturday night lights

By Liz Klimas
Collegian Reporter

It rained excitement and mist Saturday night for the Chargers’ second home game and second win of the season as they beat Ferris State University 29-27.

Though weather conditions were not ideal for players and fans, students said it was important to brave getting wet for support of the team.

“It is good for the moral of the team, and it is good to show school spirit,” sophomore Geoff Matteson said.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For Those about to Rock

Here is the latest design to be added to the Online Store. In no way is it supposed to be like any heavy metal groups' logo, especially one known for being back in black.

Support with a purchase today. 24 designs now available.

A Couple More Pics

Nancy Rumsey sent us two more pictures for the Flickr site. Thanks Nancy!

Take your digital camera to the next Chargers's game and send your photos this way.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Muddy Waters Memorial Set 10/8

Hillsdale College Press Release

Memorial service for Frank “Muddy” Waters scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 8 at 1 p.m. Hillsdale, Mich. — A memorial service for former Hillsdale College football coach Frank “Muddy” Waters will be held on campus on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 1 p.m. inside the Jesse Philips Arena. Waters passed away on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in Saginaw, Mich. He was the head football coach at Hillsdale College from 1954-1973, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 11, 2000. Waters is the all-time winningest coach in Hillsdale’s 115-year football history, winning 138 games during his career. His coaching accomplishments include seven straight MIAA titles, spanning from 1954-1960, and a 34-game winning streak, that spanned parts of four seasons. He was the NAIA Coach of the Year in 1957, and was part of the inaugural class inducted into the Hillsdale College Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997. The football stadium at Hillsdale College was named for Waters in the early 1970s. The memorial service will be open to the public. Jesse Philips Arena is located inside the George Roche Sports Complex, located at 201 Oak Street in Hillsdale.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Close game has happy ending for Chargers

Close game has happy ending for Chargers
Rich McGowan, Sports Editor

Hillsdale College was all too familiar with this situation.

In their last two games, the Chargers saw their opponents go for game–winning touchdowns in the wanning minutes of the fourth quarter.

Saturday night Ferris State took possession at their own 36–yard line with 1:14 to play. After doing damage with his legs all night, Bulldog quarterback C.J. Van Wieren was forced to throw and when Ferris failed to convert on 4th–and–7 Hillsdale could breath easy as they came out on the right end of a 29–27 score.

Full story on

This One was for Muddy; Hillsdale Rallies to Upend Ferris State

Official Press Release
Hillsdale College

Sept. 23, 2006 - It was the kind of football Saturday that would have made Frank "Muddy" Waters smile.

One of the teams he used to coach, Saginaw Valley, pulled out a dramatic win Saturday. The team he started his career with, Hillsdale College, got a much-needed victory in front of a soaked, but enthusiastic home crowd, 29-27 Saturday night.

The win improves Hillsdale to 2-2 overall and in the GLIAC on the season, while the Bulldogs were sent to their first defeat of the campaign, and are now 3-1 and 2-1 in the conference.

Waters passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 83. The Hillsdale players wore "Muddy" stickers on their helmets, and the coaching staff wore "Muddy" buttons to remember the legendary coach. Although the new ProGrass artificial surface turf didn't get muddy, the steady mist of rain added atmosphere to an already dramatic evening.

full story

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chargers Host Undefeated Bulldogs

Chagers host unbeaten Bulldogs

Hillsdale Daily News
Rich McGowan, Sports Editor

Though Hillsdale College has lost its last two games on long touchdown passes late in the fourth quarter, Charger coach Keith Otterbein said there wasn’t as bitter a taste left in his team’s mouth after last week’s loss to Ashland as there was after the Chargers’ home–opening loss to Northern Michigan two weeks ago.

He said if the Chargers continue to play with the passion and effort they showed in Ashland, they’ll find themselves on the winning end of the scoreboard more often.

“They realize they’re a good football team, that’s a point I keep emphasizing to them,” Otterbein said. “We’re a good football team and if we keep playing the same way...we’ll be just fine.”

The Chargers play their only night game of the season on Saturday as the host Ferris State at 7 p.m. The Bulldogs enter the game with a 3–0 record coming off an upset of No. 5–ranked Saginaw Valley State. Ferris took a 26–8 lead into halftime before hanging on in the fourth quarter as the Bulldog defense forced a Cardinal fumble at the 1–yard line in the game’s final minute to preserve a 26–23 win.

“It was a nail–biter it was a lot like our last two games,” Otterbein said. “It came down to the last possession and Ferris made a goal–line stand and they’re 3–0 now, they’re playing with a lot of fire and a lot of heart.”

Along with a wave of momentum, Ferris will bring an offensive line averaging 6 feet 5 inches and 306 pounds per man and a defense holding opponents to just 63 rushing yards a game.

“They defensive line is exceptional,” Otterbein said. “They’re big, they’re strong and move around. Their offensive line is giant. They’re making plays, they’re doing a good job and certainly we have to play well to win on Saturday.”

Saturday’s will be the first for the Chargers since the passing away of former football coach Frank “Muddy” Waters. Waters, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, led the team from 1954–73 and established Hillsdale as one of the best small college team in the country.

The Chargers will wear stickers bearing Waters’ name on their helmets this weekend.

While Waters’ passing has left the Charger program saddened, Otterbein said when kickoff arrives on Saturday his players will be ready for Ferris.

“I addressed after practice (Wednesday) Muddy’s passing and talked to our team about the influence he had on our program and his impact on the Charger football family,” Otterbein said. “It certainly is a sad time for us, but I don’t think you ever go out and win one for the Gipper. We’re trying to just go and win a game regardless.”

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spirit Club Bridging the Gap

This was in last week's Collegian. Great effort by non-athletes to bring the Hillsdale campus together! Let's hope this grows and grows!

Spirit Club works to bridge gap

By Maria Schmitt
Hillsdale Collegian
Collegian Freelancer

Look out, athletes – goody baskets and fans are coming your way. Thanks to the new program, My Charger…Our Champs!, athletes can expect a lot more attention and support this year from the student body.

Instated this year by the Spirit Club and the Student Activities Office, the program was created to bring athletes and non-athletes closer by allowing students to “adopt an athlete” for a season.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between students and athletes,” said Rebekah Dell, director of Student Activities.

The idea for the program arose two years ago during the leadership training program for head resident advisors, but the program itself did not become a reality until the administration approved it this year.

The Spirit Club, another product of the leadership training program, is working on creating traditions at Hillsdale College and inciting more school spirit. “It’s been a lot of fun to watch it all come together,” Dell said.

Spirit Club president Anna Ashmore said the program is showing good results so far. “It’s taken flight,” she said. “It’s amazing.”

In a total of three days, all 94 Hillsdale football players had been adopted. Adopters pulled names from a “cup of champs” and signed up to support their athletes for the entire season.

Full Story

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Essence of Muddy Waters

News of Muddy's passing is being printed across the country and most articles are a rewrite of the same story or Hillsdale's release, but I saw a quote in the Lansing State Journal that really sums up why so many people were deeply touched by this man's life. More than winning football games, this is why Muddy was so great:

"He’ll be remembered as a very generous person who gave his time to a lot of young men and mentored a lot of young men,” said “Murky” Waters, who played at MSU under Duffy Daugherty in the late 1960s. “He didn’t care if a kid was a first-stringer or a last-stringer, if he had a problem, my dad would bend over backward to solve it.

“He believed in everybody.”

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodbye Muddy

Frank 'Muddy' Waters dies at 83

Sep. 20, 2006
CBS wire reports

SAGINAW, Mich. -- Frank "Muddy" Waters, the College Football Hall of Fame coach who had a successful run at Hillsdale College and finished his long career at Michigan State, died Wednesday. He was 83.

Waters died of congestive heart failure in Saginaw, where he had lived several months at an assisted living facility after moving from the Lansing area, Hillsdale spokesman Brad Monastiere said.

Waters coached at Hillsdale from 1954 through 1973, spent the following five seasons at Saginaw Valley State, then was head coach at Michigan State from 1980 through 1982.

Hillsdale won the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association championship in each of Waters' first seven years there. His 1955 team went 9-0 and gained national recognition for refusing to play in the Tangerine Bowl when bowl officials said the team's black players couldn't dress for the game in Orlando, Fla.

Waters' record at Hillsdale was 138-47-5. He started the Saginaw Valley State football program and led the Cardinals to a 24-26-2 record in five seasons.

Waters finished his coaching career at his alma mater, Michigan State, where his Spartans went 10-23 in three seasons.

"Muddy was a true Spartan," Michigan State athletic director Ron Mason said. "He was a caring, wonderful person who represented himself, his program, our university well to our alumni and our fans. We're deeply saddened by his passing, and all of our thoughts are with Muddy's family and friends in this difficult time."

Waters was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000. He also was a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame and was named NAIA coach of the year in 1957, when Hillsdale lost 27-26 to Pittsburg State in the national championship game.

Waters is survived by three sons. He was preceded in death by his wife, Mary Lou, and another son.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete. A memorial service was being planned at the Hillsdale campus, where the football stadium is named for Waters, Monastiere said.

Free Food U

NCAA drops hammer on Ferris Football players for gravy-training free food with expired meal cards. The ten players suspended can serve their time at any point throughout the season. Whether any of those will be in effect during Saturday's game at Hillsdale is unknown.

Ferris State suspends 10 football players
Friday, September 01, 2006
By Howie Beardsley
The Grand Rapids Press

Ten members of the Ferris State football team have been suspended at least one game for illegally obtaining meals through the school's dining services in the summer of 2005.

The players are safety Nick Beaudry (three games), middle linebacker Rob Evenboer (three), guard Allen Feigel (one), quarterback Ryan Kaul (two), Grand Haven All-American linebacker Mike Klobucher (one), center/guard Rob Lukofsky (three), linebacker Nick Maeder (one), linebacker Kevin Noe (one), defensive tackle Jereld Sawyer (two), and quarterback C.J. Van Wieren (three) of West Ottawa.

All 10 players are either starters or found on the squad's two-deep roster.

According to Ferris State athletic director Tom Kirinovic, the NCAA allows the school to spread out the suspensions over the Bulldogs' first five games, beginning with Saturday's season opener at Kentucky State.

All the players were handed NCAA sanctions for using student identification cards, which had been activated for use last summer, to purchase meals beyond the authorized time period for the cards.

Because of a processing error by the university, their cards were not de-activated at the proper time, and the athletes continued to illegally access dining services.

"During preseason camp, the student-athletes buy their meals with those cards before the (dormitory) halls open for the school year," Kirinovic said. "In the case of the kids involved, their meal cards were not turned off as they should have been, and they continued to obtain meals they shouldn't have been able to obtain."

Because Ferris State self-reported the unauthorized receipt of goods or services to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the NCAA did not discipline the FSU athletic department or football program.

"It's unfortunate that some of our players exhibited poor judgment in this matter. All the students have subsequently paid for the meals in question."

Improper use of the dining cards ranged from $6 to $1,144, and involved students and student-athletes at Ferris State.

"We've been told not to talk about this with anyone," Van Wieren said.

When asked if he was playing Saturday, the junior replied: "Possibly, but I can't talk about it."

Because the illegal meal purchases were made last summer, some of the football players involved are no longer eligible for competition, or graduated.

"Any kid involved has had their personal accounts billed by the university," Kirinovic said.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Schulte to Become Youngest Charger HOF Member Ever

Chargers induct New HOF Members during Saturday Night's Ferris State Game

It is hard to believe that it has been 12 years since Scott Schulte last carried the football for Hillsdale College. Without a doubt one of the greatest ever to wear the Charger blue, Schulte had an amazing ability to turn a play that looked like disaster in the backfield into a game changing breakaway to the endzone. Images of him simply tying defenders into knots are still vivid in my mind.

Without Scott Schulte, we probably would not have claimed a share of the 1992 league championship...and I would have gotten to play more. Okay....probably not....But as silly as Schulte made me look every single day trying to tackle him during my years of scout team duty, made it really hard to move up the ranks of the linebacking corps. But oh well, I will gladly take the ring and the privilege of calling this guy my teammate over the alternative. Besides in all honesty, trying to run him down each play probably made me a lot better, just not good enough to crack the fly-around defensive line-up that also played a big roll in that championship.

His numbers are astounding. After a freshman year spent as back up to another pretty good tailback Jeff Cameron, Schulte exploded for consecutive years of 1144, 1582, and 1499 yards rushing. His 4,495 career yards are almost 1,900 more than Phil Martin's second-place all time mark of 2,700 plus yards. Schulte also owns 3 of the top 5 single-season rushing marks. The 1582 yards gained in 1992 is the all-time Hillsdale single season record. His 1499 gained in 1993 is 2nd and his 1144 is 5th all time.

Schulte was the MIFC (now GLIAC) Offensive MVP in 1992 and 1993.

Also entering the Hall this year is Jim Larkin, a 2 time All-American who later served 3 years on Muddy Waters' staff and took over the Saginaw Valley program in 1980.

Ceremonies for the entire class of 2006 inductees take place Saturday evening with a dinner and enshrinement ceremonies at halftime of the Chargers' game with Ferris State.

Complete Hillsdale College Release

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chargers Drop Another Heartbreaker

With the ball in Ashland's redzone, down by 6, and in the closing minute, it looked Hillsdale may pull out a huge road victory today. Unfortunately, the Chargers ran out of downs and lose to Ashland 24-30 in a close and hard fought game.

Hillsdale battled back from a 10-0 defecit and were tied at 24-24 with just under 4 minutes to play before Eagle qb Jon Ferguson tossed the game winning 71 yard touchdown pass.

Hillsdale falls to 1-2 and faces Ferris State next Saturday night.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ex-Catholic Central stars line up for Hillsdale

Ex-Catholic Central stars line up for Hillsdale
Friday, September 15, 2006
The Grand Rapids Press

The Hillsdale football roster has a pair of familiar names from one City League school.

Former Catholic Central standouts Tom Korte and Alex Mileskiewicz, both sophomores, currently are playing for the Chargers.

Korte, a two-sport star during his prep career, has led the team in tackles with a combined 15 in two games as a starting linebacker. He also has one interception.

Mileskiewicz, a defensive back, has two tackles for a Hillsdale team that routed Gannon in its opener, 35-7, before losing last week to Northern Michigan 31-24. The Chargers travel to Ashland on Saturday. Kick-off is 1 p.m.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What the Heck is This? photoWhat is this? Hillsdale College students cheering at games? Verrry Nice!

Saturday's home opener featured a great showing by the student body to get out and support the Chargers. More than one player commented that they really appreciated the atmosphere. The new Charger mascot was a nice addition. Does he have a name yet?

Monday, September 11, 2006

NMU Pics Posted

Thanks again to Nancy Rumsey for sharing another set of her pictures. Check them out at our Flickr site.

Request for Design Ideas

After a flood of creativity this summer kicked off the Online Stores at e-shirts and Cafe Press, it is now time to ask you the users of this site to tell me what else you would like to see available. Just email me suggestions and together we can make them happen...Well as long as they are in good taste.

Possibilities include:

Offensive/Defensive Position Groups
Off-Campus "Houses"
Un-Official Fraternities/Organizations
Ideas for new Graphics
Alumni Groups

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rivera's Clutch Play Dooms Hillsdale

The Hillsdale Chargers lost at home Saturday 31 to 24 to Northern Michigan University. The following are some thoughts from Charger radio play-by-play broadcaster Andy Brown.

As devastating as Nick Gurrica's punt return turnover was, it was not the reason the Chargers lost the Northern game. Hillsdale's defense had the Wildcat offense third and long on the drive directly following Gurica's muff. Northern quarterback Buddy Rivera found Greg Raspberry for a 19-yard touchdown pass, but only after Andy Dion had Rivera all but sacked, and then another Charger nearly brought him down. That play began a 17-0 run that put Northern ahead for the first time, and ultimately lifted the Wildcats to the victory.

Time and time again, on third or even fourth down and long, Buddy Rivera found wide open receivers for big plays to keep drives going, or to put points on the board. None of these clutch conversions could rival Rivera's play on 4th and 10 with just over 4 minutes left in the game. Rivera hooked up with Tyler Schrauben on a 12-yard route that kept Northern alive. Just four plays later, Rivera hit a wide open Greg Raspberry on a 55-yard touchdown pass that effectively broke Hillsdale's back.

Sure, people will ask what on earth the Chargers' secondary was doing, especially on that final touchdown pass. But the bigger factor to me was the fact that Buddy Rivera refused to allow his team to lose. The Chargers were one play away from blowing Northern out in the first quarter, but a little luck and Rivera's determination made the difference.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Podcast Now Online

Episode 5 of the Charger Comment is now online.

Visit podcast site.

Hillsdale will test Wildcats' rushing game

Hillsdale will test Wildcats’ rushing game
By KURT MENSCHING, Journal Sports Writer

MARQUETTE – You get no breaks when you’re a football team struggling to pull your way up the standings of a tough conference.

Northern Michigan University had to make its own luck last Saturday against one of the better defenses in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

The Wildcats get to do it all over again when they travel to Hillsdale College for a 2:30 p.m. game Saturday.

“My biggest concern was we hadn’t faced a lot of adversity,” NMU coach Bernie Anderson said after practice Wednesday. “We faced some adversity Saturday, and we passed that test.”

The Wildcats beat Indianapolis, 27-20, in overtime after trailing by 13 points in the fourth quarter.

In contrast, the Chargers beat Gannon University, 35-7, on the road and took the ball away four times.

“They (Hillsdale) are much improved, from what we can see on film, over a year ago,” Anderson said. “They were a good football team a year ago. They’re very tough to beat at home – football’s the sport at their school. They’ve had a national championship in their history.

“We know what they’re capable of, but we just have to concentrate on ourselves, not Hillsdale.”

To that extent, quarterback Buddy Rivera continues to do well with Anderson’s new offensive scheme.

Rivera accounted for all four touchdowns in the Superior Dome, two on the ground and two through the air.

The problem area Anderson sees come in the rushing game – on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

The Wildcats pushed the ball just 100 yards on the ground, and the NMU defense didn’t do a great job of stopping the run, either.

“We’re a young football team up front, our line, it’s a new system, and we played against a very good defense,” Anderson said. “When you put those in the same mixture, you’re going to struggle a little bit. With time, we’ll get better with that part.”

Hillsdale’s Phil Martin moved the ball 155 yards and scored twice in the opener. Anderson expects the Wildcats to see a lot of him and knows NMU’s success will begin with its ability to stop the run.

“After giving up (200) yards rushing, if I was an opponent coming to play Northern Michigan right now, I’d look to rush the football,” Anderson said.

The game in southern Michigan gives Anderson his first chance to travel with his team.

“It gives us some private time, nice relaxing on the bus,” he said. “We get to eat together as a team. We’re in the hotel, We get a good night’s rest.

“And we get an opportunity to beat someone on their home field.

“I kind of like that setting. I think our players will, too.”

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steadily Rolling Along

Looking back over the Chargers' last four wins (3 to end last year and Saturday's victory) Phil Martin is averaging 132.25 yards per game with 5 touchdowns. 

Mark Nicolet has thrown just one pick in his last 4 starts. He is 57 of 100 for 694 yards. That is an average of 173.5 yards per game or 12.18 yards per completion.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hillsdale Opens in Impressive Fashion

Chargers Explode in 2nd Quarter Enroute to big Win

After a scoreless 1st quarter, Mark Nicolet and the Charger offense erupted for 21 points in the first 9 minutes of the second quarter, all thanks to big plays on offense, defense, and special teams.

The Chargers forced 3 first half turnovers including interceptions from Tom Korte and Jared Kell.

Mark Nicolet plunged in from the 1 yard line on the first play of the 2nd quarter capping a drive set up by a great Nick Gurica punt return.

The Chargers would come right back following Korte’s interception. Phil Martin took a direct snap and scored from 27 yards out. Greg Dixon added a 1 yard TD to round out the first half scoring. Mark Petro was 3 of 3 on extra-points in the first half.

In the first half, Hillsdale outgained Gannon 176 yards to 94. The Knights’ only drive was stymied just before the half with Kell’s pick. The Charger defense held Gannon and the heralded Baby Bush Jon Richardson to just 7 yards on 6 carries the entire day.

The Charger special teams helped the offense again in the 3rd quarter with punt block. Brett Neller picked up a big 4th down conversion that would eventually lead to a Nicolet keeper putting Hillsdale up 27-0. Petro’s kick tacked on the extra-point.

After giving up a Gannon touchdown and having a punt blocked, the Charger defense got the offense the ball back. Phil Martin has always played well against Gannon, but has excelled in the 4th quarter. Martin had his biggest gain of the day with a 54 yard scamper and then finalized the drive with a 2 yard drive. Hillsdale 35, Gannon 7.

Nicolet finishes the day 12 of 19 for 126 yards and no interceptions. Martin was the game’s leading rusher with 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hillsdale limits Gannon to 21 rushing yards on 21 carries. Kell and Korte each had 6 tackles. Steve Balone added 5.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

This could be the season Chargers rise above .500

This could be season the Chargers rise above .500

Thursday, August 31, 2006
By Chip Mundy

As Keith Otterbein enters his fifth season as Hillsdale College coach, he's chasing a .500 record and beyond.

But Otterbein knows that getting to .500 -- something the Chargers have not done since 1999 -- is the first hurdle. He thinks it's time, especially after last year when Hillsdale won its final three games to finish 5-6.

"The message we're giving the team is that we are a good football team," Otterbein said. "What we need to do is make plays on Saturday afternoon to allow us to win football games.

"It always comes down after a game to identify a half-dozen plays that win or lose games."

Hillsdale, which opens the season at 1 p.m. Saturday against Gannon in Erie, Pa., seems to have the weapons to win several games.

Speedy senior tailback Phil Martin returns after rushing for more than 1,000 yards last year, and he needs just 210 yards to surpass Jeff Cameron for the No. 2 spot on the all-time list.

Martin will be joined in the backfield by quarterback Mark Nicolet, a talented passer whom the Chargers wanted to redshirt the previous two years. Nicolet, however, was pressed into service because of injuries, and this season he will begin as the No. 1 quarterback.

"He came in and his performance in the fall in each of the last two years has proven that he's the guy who needs to be the starter," Otterbein said. "But that put us in another dilemma because Aaron Scholl, who had been our quarterback, is too good to have holding a clipboard."

So the Chargers decided to put Scholl at wide receiver, and Scholl embraced the idea.

"Those kids are very, very close friends," Otterbein said. "The unselfish attitude of both of them was great, and they realized we can be a better football team because of it.

"It was instant acceptance."

The rest of the offense is experienced, including the offensive line, where Concord High School graduate Chet Crowley is moving from tackle to guard. Crowley, whose cousin, Brad Rumsey, is a Concord graduate in his third year as long snapper, is joined by returning starters left guard Josiah Swartz and center Dan Stapf. Newcomers to the line, Jared Veldheer and Phil Davignon, have Otterbein excited.

"The offensive line is better than it has been in the time I've been here," Otterbein said.

Defensively, the Chargers are looking to the front line for leadership after Eric Weber and Andy Dion sparked a unit that tripled its sack output from the previous season.

Sophomore linebacker Tom Korte also draws Otterbein's praise, and that should not be taken lightly. Otterbein was a star linebacker when he played for Hillsdale in the late 1970s.

"He might be our best defensive player," Otterbein said.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Notebook

Check out Jeff Chaney's weekly run down as's GLIAC columnist. Yeah, he's a Grand Valley alum, but he can still write pretty well...and knows the league.

Read Jeff's Column

A Whole Bunch of Updates

What's new at

-New Podcast Episode

-New Game Day Page with Gannon Preview
-Sandy Balone's Tailgating Info

Little Chargerblue looking Tough

This summer my mom was digging through some old stuff and found a sweatshirt I wore when I was 3. She sent it to us to see if Little Chargerblue, who is also 3 could fit into it. Being the horse-crazed kid she is, the sweatshirt was instantly a hit. I guess even little kids dig vintage clothing. Here she is giving her best "game face" this summer while playing catch. It is a good thing the Chargers use a horse mascot or else she probably wouldn't like them. I have to still convince her that the Dallas Cowboys don't really ride horses and rope cows. Maybe I can get her to like the Denver Broncos instead.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chargers Issue Season Preview

Hillsdale looks to continue upward climb in 2006

Aug. 8, 2006 - Progress can sometimes be a slow, frustrating process. It’s something that can never happen fast enough, but when it is visible, it jumps off a page like red out of a newspaper.

The Hillsdale College football team made solid progress in 2005, but not enough for the coaching staff or the players. More progress this season is not only hoped for, but expected.

In 2005, the Chargers finally shook loose the stigma of three consecutive 4-7 seasons with a 5-6 mark that was highlighted by a season-ending three-game winning streak, the first for the program in 10 years. The team is hoping that momentum, coupled with several returning skill players, will push the team north of the .500 plateau for the first time since 1999.
Hillsdale will have some holes to fill after bidding farewell to its biggest senior class in several seasons. Among those standouts were team MVP Chad Gurica and four-year starting tight end Keith Recker, who earned a spot in the Cactus Bowl back in January. Gurica set a school record with three kickoff returns for touchdown, while Recker finished second on Hillsdale’s all-time career receptions list.

Stepping to the forefront this season is a returning starting backfield and an experienced group of linebackers, two areas of strength for this year’s Chargers.

Senior tailback Phil Martin returns for his fourth season as the main ball carrier for the blue and white. Martin rushed for 1,022 yards in 2005, making him the first Hillsdale rusher to crack the 1,000-yard barrier in a season since Kevin Clive did it in 2002. Martin has a solid combination of toughness and speed and excelled at breaking a team’s back with long runs at the end of games last season. He enters his final campaign ranked third on Hillsdale’s all-time rushing list and is well within range of taking over the No. 2 spot early this season.

Full Story

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Condolences on the Passing of Former Charger Chris Mayone

The Charger family lost one the top receivers to ever wear the Blue and White this past weekend. Former Hillsdale College wide receiver Chris Mayone died tragically last Sunday while training for an upcoming marathon. Dave Dye, who coached Mayone at Hillsdale called him a "great student athlete from the early 1980's".

Mayone was an integral part of the 1982 GLIAC Championship team that ran off 12 straight victories before losing to Mesa St. in the national semi-finals. A favorite target of quarterback Pat Riepma, Mayone hauled in 50 catches (4th best single-season mark) for 732 yards (5th best single-season mark). He had four touchdown catches that season as well. His brother-in-law Dave Mifsud was one of the top pass catchers on the 1985 national championship team.

Mr. Mayone worked at National City Bank in the Business Credit Group. He was Vice President & Commercial Finance Account Executive in the Business Credit Division.

He was an active member of St. Regis Parish (Bloomfield Hills), serving on the Parish Council and the Finance Committee.

Funeral information: Visitation- – A.J. Desmond Funeral Home 2600 Crooks Rd. Troy , MI 48084 Thursday 8/24 from 5:00-8:00pm and Friday 8/25 from 2:00-8:00pm.

Funeral Mass at St. Regis Catholic Church in Beverly Hills, MI beginning Saturday morning at 10:00am.

Chris is survived by his wife Sharon, his 14 yr old daughter Sidney, and his 12 yr. old son Joseph.

Condolences are extended to family, friends, and ex-teammates.

Monday, August 21, 2006

D-II coaches upset over playoff idea

Sunday, August 20, 2006
By Howie Beardsley
The Grand Rapids Press

BAY CITY -- It is comfortably safe to presume that the football coaches of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference are not strong proponents of the NCAA.

Particularly when it comes to some, but not all, members of the NCAA's Division II Management Council agreeing to sponsor legislation recommended by a Division II football task force to create two football playoff brackets based on the number of scholarships programs offer.

"I'm against it because we're trying to make a stronger Division II while having some people go to I-AA," said Grand Valley State University coach Chuck Martin, whose Lakers have won three of the past four Division II championships, including last season's title.

"If you're trying to make the division stronger, how does dividing us make us stronger?"

"Show me a company, like IBM, that says, 'Hey, we're going to split, become two companies, and become stronger.'

"Show me a family that got split down the middle that became a stronger family.

"I love Division II, and I want it to be as strong as possible. Splitting the playoffs makes no sense. We have a good thing going, and we should keep it going."

The idea is to have one Division II football playoff -- a 1A postseason, if you will -- involving schools who offer zero to the maximum 36 scholarships that are split among their players, and a second playoff -- 1B -- consisting of programs who field teams with zero to 18 scholarships.

There's also been discussions to reduce Division II football scholarships at all member institutions.

For the record, it was the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference that initiated talks to split the Division II playoffs. The very same PSAC that used to hold its own in postseason play, and regularly throttled the GLIAC in head-to-head playoff games. Then PSAC officials decided to decrease football scholarships in the name of saving money while the GLIAC began to get stronger.

"I don't like it at all," Hillsdale College coach Keith Otterbein said of a possible dual playoff format. "It just muddies the waters. It's kind of setting limits.

"If you don't want to spend the money to have 36 full scholarships, and be at the maximum, or close to it, then accept getting your tail whipped. But don't punish those of us who do have 36 or so fulls.

"You look at Grand Valley, and this conference, and the phenomenal run in the playoffs we've had the last 10 years. It's because we aren't waiting around for someone else to pull everybody down."

Saginaw Valley State coach Randy Awrey, who competed in football at Northern Michigan, joined the rest of the league's coaches at their recent GLIAC media day to show his complete displeasure toward two playoffs.

"I'm a guy who would never have been able to go to college had I not been able to get a partial football scholarship," Awrey said. "I don't want to take opportunities away for young men to be able to go to college. And that will happen if schools start limiting scholarships to get into a lower-division playoff, or they force us all to limit scholarships.

"I want to do what's best for the kids. If you start watering down the playoffs, you're just making it easier for administrations to justify giving less scholarships to certain schools, and that's not fair to the kids."

Ferris State coach Jeff Pierce wants to know what happens if members in certain conferences don't see eye-to-eye as to which playoff to participate in.

"Will some members want to be in 1-A, and others in 1-B? That all sounds very messy to me," Pierce said.

According to Wayne State coach Paul Winters, the thought of two playoffs is ludicrous.

"It should be Division II, simple as that," he said.

"If you're a Division II team, and you're good enough, you play in the Division II playoffs. To give a benefit to someone who doesn't want to give a commitment doesn't make sense to me."

Any vote on accepting a dual playoff system won't be made until at least the 2007 Division II Convention. That's also plenty of time for the powers-that-be within the division to realize that a split postseason is absurd at best.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Message Board Attempt 4 or 5

I have tried to get some conversation going on message boards at least twice, maybe three times. Here is the latest attempt run by Frappr. All you have to do is put yourself on the map to gain access to the discussions. Use a fake name if you want. Let's get some talk happening.

Frappr Forum

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Charger Comment Podcast Updated

Finally Episode 3 of the Charger Comment is up and online.

Take a listen at

Stay tuned for more audio throughout the season.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Prepping for Rivals, Chargers Begin Camp on Saturday

Hillsdale Daily News
Saturday August 12, 2006

The 2006 season is about to begin for the Hillsdale Chargers. Players have been checking in Thursday and Friday and will take the field for the first practice on Saturday.

Head coach Keith Otterbein said after a long offseason he and his players are ready to put the pads back on.

“It’s great to finally get them back and get coaching them,” Otterbein said. “After all those things you work over and toil over and worry about all winter, and now you’ve got your guys and you’re looking at them and coaching them football so you’re making progress.

“They’re very optimistic. They worked extremely hard this summer, reported in great shape and are chomping at the bit to line up and play a little bit of football.”

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Boys are Back!

The Boys are Back
Thursday August 10, 2006

Summer vacation is officially over for the Chargers as the 2006 squad reported today. Not much action to report other than that testing has begun and will continue tomorrow along with meetings. Saturday is expected to be the first onfield action for the team.

Hillsdale opens the season on September 2 at Gannon University in Erie, PA. Kickoff is slated for 1:00 PM.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Chargers Picked 8th by League Coaches

Monday's 2006 GLIAC media luncheon churned out another version of the league pre-season coaches' poll and guess what?

Grand Valley was picked to win the league! No really, believe it or not they were.

Guess what else. Saginaw Valley was picked to finish second. Amazing!

And oh yeah, the Chargers were picked once again to finish in the bottom half of the league in the 8th spot. At first, I thought maybe the league office had released last year's poll, or the one before that, or before that, or get the point.

As a Charger fan, I could feel disrepected. But, I feel relieved. Let everyone look past this team. We will show them how good we are on Saturdays.

The only real story to come out of the annual event was Ashland's reception of 2 first place votes. One obviously came from the Lakers' Chuck Martin since he couldn't vote for his own team. I wonder who else thought the Eagles would be atop the league come Thanksgiving.

Here is the poll in its entirety:
School (first-place votes) Points
1. Grand Valley State (11).............. 143
2. Saginaw Valley State................. 131
3. Ashland (2).................................119
4. Northwood..................................117
5. Michigan Tech............................. 83
6. Ferris State................................... 81
Indianapolis.................................. 81
8. Hillsdale....................................... 65
9. Wayne State................................. 59
10. Findlay.......................................... 49
11. Northern Michigan....................... 34
12. Gannon......................................... 29
13. Mercyhurst................................... 23

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sale Sale Sale!

All apparel featuring the logo has been reduced by $2 to kick off the 2006 season. All styles for men, women, and kids are available. Help support and spread the word about by sporting one of our various items.

Logoed items available here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NFL still in Recker's dreams

NFL still in Recker’s dreams

by Jim Metcalfe
Delphos (OH) Herald
July 31, 2006

HILLSDALE, Mich. — Keith Recker has decided to take his dreamt-of trek to the National Football League one step at a time.

He hopes that step one has already been completed with the recent finish of his first United Indoor Football League season with the Fort Wayne Freedom.

The Delphos native, son of Steve “Peanut” and Lisa Recker, is looking to parlay this season into at least the Arena Football League.

“I know I have to build my resume for the NFL. I’d like to get that opportunity but I have to build up to it,” Recker acknowledged. “I think I tried to take things too quickly last spring; that’s what I was working for.”

Having to play in the UIFL became a source of frustration to the 2002 St. John’s graduate.

“Before the season, I was doing a lot of stuff, like getting information out. My agent sent me some information and I was supposed to go to Detroit to work out but that didn’t happen; he didn’t have the pull he thought he did,” Recker said. “I’m working on getting a new agent based out of Columbus. He’s going to be sending films to the Arena League, especially the Columbus Destroyers.

“The good thing that I have now for Arena League or Arena 2 is I have some indoor films to send them. I didn’t have that from college.”

He’s hoping that the time from August to October, despite coaching wide receivers at Hillsdale College, where he completed his college career last fall, will be productive.

“I hope to be attending a couple of combines and camps for college free agents and try to get some notice and recognition. I know I need to work on running my routes,” he continued. “That’s what I worked on from the time I graduated from Hillsdale until now. Hopefully, coaching will help me do that. I will be learning the same stuff I’ll be teaching. That should help me pick things up quicker.

“Plus, I’ll be able to work out with these guys in the weight room.”

Another one of Recker’s goals for the offseason is to get faster.

“You don’t realize how much the game speeds up from college to even the UIFL. In AFL 1, it’s all man-to-man coverage,” he explained. “With my size, if I can improve my speed, that will be to my advantage. I also would need to learn to play the Jack linebacker position in Arena play since they go both ways. I worked with a guy who played quarterback and he told me that would be my best chance to get into Arena.”

Recker had to make a few adjustments to play in the UIFL.

“I had to play wide receiver, so I had to make the adjustment from tight end. There is no tight end in Indoor play,” he added. “Getting used to being split out wide all the time took some time. One of the big differences between the UIFL and Arena Football is I didn’t have to play defense here. All I had to do was play receiver. They put together some teams from Arena 2 and other leagues and that was one of the different rules they came up with.

“People don’t realize that there are some talented players in Indoor play. Rocky Harvey was all-Big Ten first-team at Illinois a couple of years ago. Even though it’s not the NFL, it’s still a big adjustment as far as speed goes. There’s a lot of talented players out there looking for the same thing I am; a break.”

Monday, July 31, 2006

New Designs at Online Store

More designs continue to arrive at the Online Store. Thanks to all who have already ordered. Those customers that I have talked to state that the shirts are of good quality and that service was very quick. The latest addition is the Charger Crest design pictured here. Help support and ultimately Hillsdale Football with a purchase today.

Have a design concept that you would like to see added? Email me and we can try to make it available online.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goodbye Kresge Video

Hillsdale Student Marianne Brandon, at least that is her name, recently produced a silly, short video chronicalling the last day of that musty brick box Kresge Center for Traditional Studies. Although the place smelled a lot better than Strosacker, it is nice to see Hillsdale giving the current students a nice place in which to learn.

Kresge Video

Friday, July 21, 2006

Sneak Peek at Incoming Chargers

Three incoming freshmen football players will showcase their skills in the annual Michigan High School Football all-star game this Saturday (July 22) afternoon at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing.

All representing the West squad will be Grand Blanc cornerback Lance Smith, tailback T.J. Campbell from Comstock, and defensive back Heath Sutherland from St. John's High School.

Kickoff is at 2:00 PM

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Online Store Now Open!

Okay, I know I am now a couple of months behind on podcasting, but I promise one soon. In the meantime, break out those credit cards and hit's newest addition: The Online Store.

By teaming with, I am able to now offer unrivaled choices of all kinds of Hillsdale apparel. Simply click on a design and check out all of the different types of items you can now sport to show your Hillsdale pride.

I receive a small profit through E-Shirt for each item and all proceeds go toward supporting the Chargers and making this an even better website.

Have a design, you would like to see offered? Email me your ideas!

Get shopping!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

A "source" and "friend" of the program who asked to only be referred to as PSUGorilla very discreetly passed along this apparently quite secretive promotional photo after its final computer rendering.

Could Hillsdale College be entering the multi-billion dollar world of NASCAR racing? No billboard is more visible than the hood of a Nextel Series racecar. We know the Hillsdale area is a hotbed for race fans. Will the late Michigan race be the debut of Hillsdale College car? No one at Hillsdale College could be reached for comment, yet speculation remains that a Hillsdale College Charger (yet they're driving a Chevy) NASCAR team might be a marketing and public relations windfall for the College and Hillsdale Community.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Wallpaper Added

I am yet to post this on the main page at, but here is a new wallpaper for you to download.

Right Click (Windows User, my sympathies), CTRL - Click (Cool Mac Users) HERE and then save the file. Of course you can just click the link to preview.

Fan Poll Results:Night Games = More Excitement

Thanks to all of the visitors who voted in our recent fan poll:

Would playing more home games at night generate bigger crowds and more excitement for Hillsdale College Football?

Yes, 33 votes
Night games are more fun 56%, 27 votes
No more competing against the D1 big boys for attention 10%, 5 votes
Other reason 2%, 1 vote

No, 15 votes
Only winning will do that 23%, 11 votes
Night games are too inconvenient for travelers 8%, 4 votes

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Recruiting: Drelles, Two Others Headed to Hillsdale

From the Traverse City Record Eagle


Drelles, two others headed to Hillsdale


HILLSDALE — Traverse City Central standout Derek Drelles is among three local players to sign to play football with Hillsdale College.

In addition to the Trojans' 6-foot-3, 315-pound left tackle, the Chargers also signed Cadillac tight end/linebacker Bill Kanitz (6-3, 200) and Manistee Catholic Central quarterback/linebacker Braden Russell (6-0, 170) among its 38 signees.

Kanitz was a Record-Eagle Dream Team selection with 89 tackles and three interceptions.

Hillsdale will open the 2006 season on Sept. 2 at Gannon University.

Former Hillsdale Assistant Enters U Delaware HOF

Kevin Noonan
May 18, 2006
Delaware Online

Wisniewski Honored to be part of UD's Family

WILMINGTON -- They didn't expect to stay so long and they never dreamed they'd have the impact they did. They had no idea that one day they would become legends who would be elected to halls of fame and even have things named after them.

"We came to do a job,'' Irv Wisniewski said, "and we found a home and a family. It was a special time.''

That time was the 1950s and 1960s, when Wisniewski and other young coaches came to the University of Delaware and made their marks on the school and the thousands of student-athletes they coached over the decades.

Wisniewski was there for 24 years as head coach in basketball and golf and as an assistant in football.

That dedication was rewarded Wednesday night, when he was inducted into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame.

"It was real close-knit back then,'' Wisniewski said. "Everyone came from different places and different backgrounds, but everybody got along. Dave Nelson formed us into a family.''

Nelson, who died in 1991, was Delaware's head football coach and athletic director back then, and he was the one who lured Wisniewski to the First State. In 1952, the former Michigan football star was coaching at tiny Hillsdale College when Nelson offered him a job in Newark.

Full Story

Charger Football Dominates IM BBall Scene

I have mentioned both here and on the podcast that the Hillsdale Collegian editorial staff wrote a piece suggesting that varsity athletes, namely football players, should form their own intramural basketball league. Simply put, it wasn't any fun getting beat by superior athletes.

Although I don't agree with the idea, I can see a bit of why they might be wishing this.

The champioship game featured a team of primarily upper classmen football players versus a team of freshmen football players. Several other football players played on other teams and were named to the all IM team.

Derek Nelson described his team's big win this way, "Jared Kell went 1-2 on free throws, but got the rebound
tipped out to him and hit a three to give us the lead for good with
about a minute to go. It was pretty exciting."

The Champs: From Left to Right in the picture ... First Row...Mike Pavelich TE #89,
Brett Neller RB #23, Jared Kell FS #7, Darl Bauer LB #9, Greg Dixon HB
#8, Second Row...Joe Dunham (non-athlete), Tim Wells (non-athlete),
Derek Nelson WR #2, Mark Scott LB #30

Saturday, May 13, 2006

UIF::Dougherty Joins Freedom, Musielewicz article

When Ike Dougherty suits up for the Ft. Wayne Freedom, he will be the 5th member of the organization with Charger football ties. Head Coach Dan Pfifer was an assistant at HC while receivers Keith Recker, Dan Musielewicz, and QB Bill Skelton all are former Chargers.

Slumping Freedom banged up
By Stacy Clardie
The Journal Gazette

May 7, 2006

Dan Musielewicz doesn’t particularly think Keanu Reeves is a great actor, but he recalled some of Reeves’ words to describe Fort Wayne’s recent 65-32 blowout at Lexington last week.

“In ‘The Replacements,’ Keanu Reeves talks about quicksand and how you get in it and you struggle and you do as much as you can and all you do is keep sinking further,” Musielewicz said. “That’s pretty much what happened. Early in the game, we did some bad things and a few things went wrong in the second half and pretty soon it was out of control.

“You didn’t know what happened. You didn’t know what was going on. Not good.”

The Freedom seemed to respond in practice this week with a pair of the most physical practices the team has had this season.

Coach Dan Pifer has been pleading for the group to exert energy and enthusiasm consistently – “since Week 2,” he said – and he was happy with the effort delivered Wednesday and Thursday.

Musielewicz called the atmosphere more businesslike.

“It’s now or never. Buckle up and start playing,” said Musielewicz, whose team has lost three consecutive games and plays at defending United Indoor Football champion Sioux Falls (6-0) tonight. “You might be playing football for fun, but it’s your job. It’s my job. It’s the coaches’ jobs. There’s no more screwing around.”

Certainly he hopes that translates into a victory, but Fort Wayne (3-3) will need more than just added emotion.

Three offensive starters will miss the game because of injury. Included in that group is starting running back Rocky Harvey, who will miss his second consecutive game with a high ankle sprain.

The offense runs through Harvey, so perhaps it wasn’t that big of a surprise when that unit managed little production without him last week at Lexington.

But the Freedom will have to adjust to playing without more than just Harvey tonight.

Receiver Luther Stroder was the primary running back without Harvey in the lineup last week, but Stroder injured his knee against the Horsemen and didn’t make the trip to Sioux Falls.

Pifer was all set to have newcomer Joe Johnson as the lone running back but found out Thursday that Johnson wouldn’t be available because of work commitments.

That means, by default, receiver Adrian Reese will get the bulk of the work at running back. And with that switch, there goes quarterback Bill Skelton’s favorite target.

Reese has team-highs with 36 catches, 367 yards and nine touchdowns. Musielewicz’s 16 catches, 170 yards and four TDs are the next best.

That means the plan Reese and Musielewicz discussed after practice Wednesday may have to be altered.

“Adrian and I had a few words and said, ‘Put it on my shoulders,’ ” Musielewicz said. “That’s what I want. But whatever it takes. Whether it’s this week, next week or the whole season, put it on our shoulders. We’ll start carrying them.”

In order for receivers to be productive, though, the offensive line must give Skelton time to throw, and Skelton must make the right reads. Skelton had the worst game of his career last week, completing only one more pass (five) than interceptions thrown (four). He’ll also have a new offensive lineman in front of him this week: Hillsdale product Ike Dougherty will fill in for injured Jamarkus Gorman at right guard.

Without Harvey and the rest of the injured starters, Pifer said he has opted to do “goofy” stuff on offense. He’s been pleased with the production out of the base offense, but he’s using this Harvey-less time to develop plays off that offense.

“We’re going to have to rely a lot on our defense,” Pifer said. “If our defense plays better than they did the first time here (in a 47-44 overtime loss April 15), we’ve got a chance to win.”

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