Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charger Families: Latest from Vonnie

Number one: There are all kinds of stories and speculations. The truth is we will not know until Sunday, normally during the banquet, if we made the playoffs and who we will play.

"If " is not a word I like and I remain very positive and excited!! Coach will announce as soon as he hears the word.

Mike and I have had a great time coordinating the Charger football parents. You are a tough crowd to crack but that's what makes your sons so tough!! Our "hope" was for parents to have the opportunity to meet other parents before it's senior year and you wonder how the time went by so quickly. Thanks to all those who participated in the tailgate signs and those who thought about it but just never got it done. You have an entire year to work on it! We are happy to let you know that Nick and Martha DeMiro will take over for next year. We will be around for Tyler's 5th year and it is nice to pass it on when veteran parents are still around. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you and how exciting to be part of a great Charger crowd!

A huge thanks to Kim and Jeff Wiska who have coordinated the apparel orders for several years. I mention Jeff as I see him carrying the big boxes of apparel for his wife :) Anyone who has ever done this is familiar with the complexity of this job. She can have some rest next year as Judy Herzog and Sue Pasche will be taking over.

We are a proud bunch of parents and for some of you who may not know , Hillsdale is known for having the most dedicated, largest "away " crowd. All of you have a part in this.
My thanks to the Eltringham family who donated the stadium grill, Dan Loy for being responsible for the banner at home and away games, The Landry family for the button orders, The DeMiro family for the lanyards, (save your lanyard for the insert next year ), the Bakker family for away tailgate info, the Weatherhead family for motel arrangements, and the Tucker/Davis family for the custom name tags! Oh I forgot Andy Weatherhead , the duct tape flag guy :) The "cookie families" , so many of you ! One thing about thanks is you always miss someone so please accept my apologies if I did. Also thanks to Anita Gordon and Pat Hornak and her/his crew who do so much work behind the scenes.

this week, we WILL win !! Kick off at Hillsdale at 1:00. No special tailgate plans as some will tailgate before and some after. We will have the stadium grill available. I never know where the tent and grill will be, somewhere in the vicinity where it has been! I for sure did not get the memo on the parking situation for homecoming. I think every year they try something different. Hopefully the predicted rain will be canceled and we will have sunny skies. The senior players and their parents will be introduced , I believe, before the game.

Banquet: on Sunday November 14th at 1:00 PM. There is still room available.
Call (517-607-3133) by 3:00 p.m. Friday to pay with a credit card if you want to attend. Reminder, the banquet will be held at "Hillsdale Academy". There is not assigned seating. If you still have flags, gifts, from joining the "Booster Club" they will be available for pick up at the banquet.

Pictures are available to order at This is not sponsored by Hillsdale college but Pete is the Charger photographer. A few days after the banquet Pete will also post the individual and team pictures for purchase.

See you all on Saturday, drive safe and be ready to cheer on our Chargers. If I have missed anything or you have questions let me know.

Go Chargers !!

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