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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chargers will have their hands full with St Cloud QB Klaphake's feet and arm

There aren't many things I hate seeing at a Hillsdale football game more than a running quarterback. If it's our quarterback I instantly flash back to the Aaron Scholl days where...God bless the effort he gave Hillsdale...we ended up losing him to injury for the season, twice. If that quarterback is wearing the opposing jersey then he just seems to find the open pockets once everybody drops to their pass responsibilities and he can break contain up front.

Red-shirt freshman Phillip Klophake is one of those mobile, running quarterbacks that have seemed to have given us fits in the past.
SCSU photo

Anybody remember CJ VanWieren from Ferris State?

Klaphake not only led his team in rushing with 703 yards, but led the entire Northern Sun in total offense as he parlayed his ground gaining ability into his nearly 2500 yards of passing.

Usually with first year quarterbacks, they can be pushed into uncomfortable stituations where they make mistakes. That doesn't seem to be the case with Klaphake. He's only thrown 6 interceptions on the season and that is one of the reasons the Huskies are 3rd in the country in turn over margin. However as' Tony Nicolette pointed out in this week's column, the Huskies haven't been as sharp turnover-wise in their games with better teams. Half of Klophake's picks came against Augustana and Minnesota Duluth, the two teams that beat St. Cloud this year. The Chargers will need to work hard to make this trend stick. Klophake and the Huskies beat a pretty good Winona State team and he was relatively error free in that one.

Check out how Klophake a freshman compares to the wily 5 year vet Troy Weatherhead.

Efficiency | Comp-ATT-INT | Comp % | Yards | TD | Long | YPG
Klaphake, SC 165.4 180-274-6 65.7 2490 23 83 226.4
Weatherhead, HC 174 242-311-5 77.8 2815 22 69 255.9

Pretty darn good numbers for a kid in his first year. I am glad the Chargers may only have to face Klaphake in the future if playoff fates once again allign.

Here is a little YouTube I dug up if you really want to get to know the St Cloud signal caller.

Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I do remember Van Wieren we counldn't stop him. This has me nervous Coach Blanchard hsan't show me in the past 4 years he can plan for this type of QB. Although he has shown me he can plan a good D plan and given the fact that this kid is known for his offensive running prowess at least Blanch has a heads up that this is coming. This I think makes Blanchard more able to scheme him and I think he will get the job done. We sure could use a little pass pressure to force some errors. Good Luck Chargers! Safe travels everybody!

Andy Losik said...

Maybe we could just bribe somebody at the St Cloud Applebees to lace his food. In the interview he said he loves him some Applebees.

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