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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Big Hillsdale College athletic facility upgrade reported

The following was reported by the Hillsdale Collegian's Phillip Morgan last week.

The Hillsdale administration and board recently approved the following improvements to the Charger athletic facilities.

1. Track and Tennis building that will house an indoor track and tennis courts (even talk about bringing tennis back as a varsity sport). Hilllsdale's indoor track is no longer regulation and a new one would allow the school to host indoor meets again.

2. Upgrades to the softball and baseball fields

3. Renovations to the current sports complex that include:
-removing existing track and tartan surfaces and replacing the area with four hardwood full-size basketball courts
-new mezzanine level with locker rooms, fitness area, and the obligatory smoothie bar.

4. Turf building for football and general student/IM use. The turf facility would cover the current tennis courts behind the south endzone and enclose to some degree that end of Muddy Waters Stadium.

Estimates from Hillsdale are costs of $13 million. VP for administration Rick Pewe told the Collegian that the timetable for building is dependent upon how quickly the money can be raised. "It could take years. It could take a year and some months."

The new plan is in lieu of a proposed 45,000 square foot IM building that had been in the works for some time. To me, this makes a lot more sense and addresses the intramural needs as well as the athletic department as a whole.

(Approximate location of updates)

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