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Friday, February 24, 2006

New Mascot Headed to Hillsdale

There was a Collegian article this week about a group of students, led in part by Charger Derek Nelson, who are working hard to infuse more spirit and pride into the campus.

One of the projects the group is pushing includes bringing a mascot to campus. Students will submit ideas to the committee through a ballot distributed through the Collegian. Here is Nelson's take on the initiative from the student paper.

"Nelson, who represented the football team in the Student Leadership Seminar held over winter break, said one of the goals of the seminar was to think of ways to encourage a campus-wide growth of school spirit.

'The easiest thing to do was to have a new mascot,' Nelson said.

The student-led group proposed a ballot (see below) for students to cut out and fill in. Students can turn in the ballots at tables set up outside Curtiss Memorial Dining Hall today and Friday from noon to 1 p.m.

Katy Crissman, director of student activities, said students 'can just write the name of their mascot [with] a description. For example, if someone suggests ‘Mr. Bolt,’ they could describe him as a fierce looking man wearing a spandex outfit with a lightning bolt on it.'

While the mascot would mainly be identified with athletics, Nelson suggested that a mascot could also be present at events such as freshman orientation, parents’ weekend, and other school activities.

'We’re a small campus so it could help with self-identification, to make you feel like you’re on a college campus.'"

Personally, I am hoping "Mr. Bolt" is not the final choice. However, the school could get a sweet deal on a uniform from the dude who used to be "The Man of Teal" for the Charlotte Hornets. Slap some royal blue on it and you're done.

Of course, no attempt to create a better sports atmosphere at the Dale can take place without geeks chiming in with their doubts

Here is junior August Stafford representing, "“Generally, the culture and demographic we have is not one that is interested in sports,” he said. “But if anything, a winning team would help more.”

Yeah whatever August, I guess you don't realize that a significant percentage of your student-body is composed of Varsity athletes while another big chunk plays intramural and pick-up.

Seriously though, this is a positive step to bring some excitement to Hillsdale College. This ought to be fun to see what people come up with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

College Buys The Lido

Hillsdale College has bought the venerable Club Lido out by the fairgrounds. Actually Saga Inc., the independent company that runs the College's food service was only looking for the liquor license but wound up buying the whole bar and contents.

Specualation has run rampant as to why Saga needs a liquor license. I seriously doubt they will will open a Bloody Mary Bar with Sunday brunch. Other speculation is that the retirement community in the works will have a restaurant or golf course clubhouse. Saga president Tim Morrison told the Hillsdale Daily News that a campus bar isn't out of the question but a liquor license would allow their catering and banquet businesses more options.

“We do enough on–site catering not only for the college but also for weddings and the hospital; it will be worth while to have a liquor license,” he said. “Frankly there’s just a lot of people who didn’t want to bother bringing in their own alcohol to have to take it back out.”

According to HDN, "The permit is only good for one building but Morrison said Saga will apply for a banquet permit that will then allow his company to cater in more than one location.

'Right now my only concern is to get the license transferred and to get it in use over here at the college,' he said."

Here is the whole article. You can comment on this topic and following other local Hillsdale issues at's message boards.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bring Back Cheerleading

I told you cutting the program at Hillsdale College was a bad idea. Not only am I calling for a rebirth of the program but I have found the person to make it happen. Give this girl a scholarship.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aaron Shreffler Joins Hillsdale Football Staff

Hillsdale College Press Release

Feb. 7, 2006 - The Hillsdale College football program has hired Aaron Shreffler as its new defensive line coach Monday, coming off the departure of Jeffrey Phelps.

Schreffler is the brother of current Chargers’ offensive line coach Nate Shreffler. Aaron Shreffler comes to Hillsdale after spending one season as the defensive line coach at Georgia Southern University. He spent the prior seven seasons with St. Francis (Ind.) coaching both the offensive and defensive lines.

Full Release

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weatherhead Finds Good Fit at Hillsdale College

Thursday, February 02, 2006
By Jeff Chaney
The Grand Rapids Press
Troy Weatherhead is happy the decision has been made.

The Comstock Park quarterback has committed to continue his football career at Hillsdale College.

"I'm so glad this is over, this is a relief, because now I know where I am going," Weatherhead said. "The recruiting process was very stressful. I talked with a lot of different people before I made my decision. It was tough. This was definitely the toughest decision I have ever had to make. It was very hard."

Weatherhead had choices.

Western Michigan, Grand Valley State, Ferris State, Mercyhurst and Hillsdale all were interested in Weatherhead's services. In the end, he chose Hillsdale.

"I liked Hillsdale because they offered me a good sum of money," Weatherhead said. "Plus, they have great coaches and their offense fits what I like to do. They run a spread offense and that's what we did at Comstock Park."

Comstock Park assistant coach Matt Janiskee said that fit was a key reason Hillsdale was Weatherhead's choice.

"It was a matter of fit," Janiskee said. "We thought he was going to Western, but it just didn't work out there.

"Hillsdale, to me, is one of the best educations you can get in the country. And I think their program is up and coming under coach (Keith) Otterbein."

Otterbein and the Chargers are getting a quarterback who threw for 4,258 yards and 57 touchdowns in two seasons for the Panthers. His record as a starter was 14-6, and he led the team to O-K Silver and O-K Blue Conference championships.

The O-K Silver championship in 2004 was the team's first conference title in 21 years.

Now Weatherhead will try and win a Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title for Hillsdale.

But it won't be easy playing against teams such as Grand Valley State, the defending NCAA Division II national champions, Saginaw Valley State and Northwood.

Still, Weatherhead is ready for the challenge.

"I'm really excited," Weatherhead said. "It is a really good conference and I'm excited to play with the best players in Division II.

"I'll probably red-shirt my freshman year until I get to know the offense. And I want to put some size on me. I know I have some work to do.

"I need to hit the weight room hard and put some weight on before I even get down there. Plus, I know I am going to have to study because school is very tough down there."

Janiskee is confident Weatherhead will make a successful transition to the next level.

"I think Troy will do great at the next level," Janiskee said.

"I think he is a Division I talent playing at the Division II level, but in a tough conference."

Friday, February 03, 2006

Ground Hog Day? How about Ball Hog Day?

Have you seen that Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day"? I have not, but my wife tells me that in the flick events just keep happening over and over again. Well over the years, especially since the age of the Internet, my Groundhog Days have taken a similar tone.

Google has this great thing called Google Alerts. It allows you to enter your search words into Google or Google News and anytime new webpages or articles come online, you receive an email link. It has saved me countless hours searching for news on Hillsdale football or just Hillsdale in general. I am always curious about what I will find everytime a Google alert shows up in my inbox.

February 2nd is the anniversary of an infamous date in Hillsdale sports history. On that fateful night in 1954, Bevo Francis of Rio Grande College scored 113 points against the Blue and White. Legendary Hillsdale coach "Rockin'" Rod Halsted was a member of that Dales team and probably hates Groundhog Day more than I do. Now I have only met Coach Halsted once but had heard many. many stories about the guy's temperment from my dad and Hillsdale grads who played for him. What surprises me the most is the fact that Halsted didn't punch the guy in the mouth after he got about 75. Maybe that memory is what made the Rocketman so mean as a coach.

Thanks to Google Alerts I get reminders of the anniversary over and over and over again as seemingly every other newspaper in America likes to throw Bevo's accomplishment into its "This Day in Sports" section. Papers from San Diego to Siam all had mentions that all ended up in my email.

My take on Wilt, Kobe, and yes Mr. Francis, is that they are all ball hogs. Pass it; will you? I have never seen the stats, but I wonder how many times Bevo launched it back in 1954.

Well, I won't have to hear about Bevo Francis for another 364 days.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chargers Come Out Swinging in GLIAC Recruiting Fight

Write-up available at : 2006 Recruiting Notebook

2006 Hillsdale Football Signings

★Troy Weatherhead, QB, Comstock Park, MI, All State Class B, threw 6 TD in 55-30 playoff win

★Brad Otterbein, QB, Hillsdale, MI, Engineered a 10-1 season. All Area.

★Gage Frosch, TE, 6’4” 255 lb. Hillsdale, MI, All Area, All State HM Basketball

★TJ Campbell, QB-RB-DB, Comstock, MI, Named to MI East-West All Star Game, All State honorable mention

★Kam Mueller, DL, Oxford, MI, Named to MI East-West All Star Game, All State honorable mention

★Lance Smith, DB, Grand Blanc, MI, All State special mention, Detroit News Blue Chip list.

★ Evan Duey, OL, 6’6” 270 lb. Nortville, MI,

★ Jake Evans, OL, 6’ 4” 270 lb. Kings HS., Kings Mills, OH, AP ALL SW Region

★ Eric Schweller, DL 6’3” 230 lb. Bellbrook, OH, 2nd Team All State punter

★ Jake Kuhn, DL, 6’3” 265 lb. Pataskala, OH, Watkins Mem. HS, All Capital District 1st team - Coach Jeff Buchanan - “Hillsdale is an outstanding school. ... They got a great young man who is going to be a great benefit on the field and in the classroom.”

★ Jordan Knudsen, OL, 6’ 4” 261 lb. Indianapolis Ben Davis HS, All State top 50, wrestler, 51+ foot shot putter.

★ Matt Patillo, TE, 6’3” 200 lb. Mishawaka, IN Penn HS,

★Andre Holmes, WR, 6’ 5” 180 lb.Hoffman Estates, IL Conant HS, Basketball and Track standout

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