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Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tony Nicolette, Weekly Column

Tony Nicolette, Weekly Column

Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
August 25th, 2009

For those of us with "football itch", this summer ended up feeling a lot longer than usual. Normally, we here in the Great Lakes can count on plenty of HOT summer days that make any lake, river, puddle, or Mr. Turtle pool look like the most welcome of respites. Save a few days here this August, there were repeated stretches this summer that almost felt more like early fall. For those of us that suffer from the afore mentioned "itch", we woke up on many of those fall-like Saturday mornings excited at the prospect that we'd be spending the ensuing afternoon standing in the parking lot behind our alma mater or favorite team's stadium with grill tongs in one hand and beverage of choice in the other. After a few moments of yawning and non-football-related itching, the unfortunate realization then hit that Mother Nature was merely tricking us and the coolish weather only meant that the lake wasn't as warm as we'd like and that football was still a spot at which to be peered on the distant horizon. A long summer indeed.

Well, gang, thankfully for us trickery and disappointment are no longer the rule. Our favorite time of year has returned and football resumes its place at center stage. Let the speculation, adoration, and celebration begin!

Read on as Tony previews all GLIAC teams and this week's matchups:
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