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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hillsdale or Ashland? The Debate Rages.

With one week of the 2007 schedule remaining, the debate rages on as to who should be awarded a spot in the NCAA Division II football playoffs-Ashland or Hillsdale?

Both teams must win their remaining games. Hillsdale has the much tougher task as the Chargers host feisty Saginaw Valley at 6-3. Ashland hosts winless Gannon.

Fans from across the region have been duking it out at's message board.

It would be a bitter ending to a great season if Hillsdale is left at home while Ashland plays on into the postseason.

Adding to the bitterness of the argument is the fact that Ashland was trailing Grand Valley before the game was canceled due to too much lightning in the area. Call it good luck for Ashland, bad luck for us. But, let's leave that out of the argument. Ashland fans point our not playing Grand Valley as equally lucky for us and unlucky for them. Neither of us officially played Grand Valley. Let's focus on what we do know.

Hillsdale thoroughly dismantled Ashland 49-28 in a game that was far more of a rout than the 21 point margin.

The NCAA adds winning percentage, strength of schedule, and opponent strength of schedule together to determine a team's overall body of work. Even though Ashland has one less, it is quite possible mathematically that Hillsdale's schedule numbers will map up .071 advantage the Eagles will carry in winning percentage if the clubs both win on Saturday.

Wins by Indy and Michigan Tech will help Hillsdale's numbers even more. Ashland didn't play either school but did play both of Tech and Indy's opponents, thus wins by the afore mentioned boost Charger numbers and weaken Ashland numbers.

All in all, a committee will decide. Let's just hope they see it in a Charger blue way. Maybe Mark Nicolet's record setting day against Ashland will help sway them.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video could be worth a trip to the playoffs.

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Go Chargers!

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