Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Camp Notes: The Grind Begins

As 90 degree temperatures spread across Southern Michigan, the Hillsdale College football team prepares to begin its most serious work of the pre-season. The testing, the walk-throughs, the waiting have ended and as head coach Keith Otterbein calls it, "the nitty gritty" of football can begin.

Today will be the Chargers' first fully padded, two-a-day workout of the season. Per NCAA rules, tomorrow will be a single padded practice and a walk through. The schedule alternates on 2,1,2,1 pattern. This will remain through next week before the focus switches to a gameweek preparation for the August 27th opener at Indianapolis.

All reports out of camp highlight the fact that only 6 returning players failed to pass fitness testing on the first try (but all passed the next morning) and that team chemistry is tremendously positive.

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