Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make a Difference Day: Donate Sporting Goods at Wayne State Game

I am very pleased to pass this along to all fans attending the Hillsdale - Wayne State game in Detroit on Saturday.

Attention all Hillsdale Parents, Friends, Fellow Tailgaters and Fans,

On Saturday October 23rd, Hillsdale will travel to Wayne State for another Big Victory! October 23rd is also National "Make a Difference Day" and we invite you all to join us and participate in this special day.

We will be trying to make a difference in the lives of Detroit's young Sportsmen and women by donating our extra, gently used sports equipment, toys and clothing to "The Children's Center of Detroit."

The Children's Center will send a truck to the Wayne State Parking Lot at 11:00 on Game Day to pick up our donations. Please check them out on line, they are a strong group working on a solution for the future of Detroit.

I know, we all seem to give till it hurts, but I'm hoping this is a painless way to clean a few items out of the basement and put them in a place where they can do some real good. Hillsdale has a reputation for traveling well and Tailgating even better, join our family in "Making a Difference" in Detroit's future.

By the way, if you received this email, and don't regularly come to Hillsdale games, consider this your invitation to a fabulous Tailgate Breakfast! Mimosas will begin at 10:30!

Go Chargers, Go O-Line, Dave & Claire Duey (#72)

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