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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Special Teams will play big role in Wayne State - Hillsdale football matchup

Special teams will play a big role in the outcome of Saturday's pivotal GLIAC ballgame between Hillsdale College and Wayne State University.

WSU leads not only the league in kickoff returns but Division II as a whol. Hillsdale is second.

Wayne State has Josh Renel and Stan Thornton ranked 1 and 2 respectively and both have returns for TDs.

Hillsdale has great return guys in Nick Hixson and Mike Blanchard ranked 3 and 4 in the GLIAC respectivley. Both have been literally a step away from breaking returns to the house.

Wayne St. has a better league average when it comes to stopping returners.

Hillsdale has one of the nation's best kickers in Mark Petro. They also have one of the league's top punters in Eric Schweller.

(Nick Hixson will be looking to put points on the board in the return game, photo)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Giant on offense Jared Veldheer

Andy Losik said...

Well, "The Giant" has a couple of tackles on punt coverage this year as well.

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