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Sunday, October 11, 2009

D2 Nation Reacts to Hillsdale Shocking Grand Valley

Want a minute by minute account of how news of the Chargers possibly upsetting Grand Valley spread throughout Division II as the game went on?

Check out the Message Board's live score thread from Saturday Afternoon. Blow by blow fans react to the action as fans watching on the B2 network react.

The Chargers had a lot more than the 3000 plus in attendance cheering for them. Fans from schools across the nation were sending their well wishes to the corner of Oak and College.


JHitts said...

I tried listening on WCSR online but it wouldn't let me. So I had to keep hitting "reload" on the message board until it was over.

Great, great win. Can I start thinking playoffs (and possibly seeing them play someone live and in person on the road)?

Dean S. said...

Was working and missed the game in person and on the thread, but the text messages I got from fellow alums just about blew up my phone. Wish I had been able to be at the game.

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