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Tradition • Character • Service

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NCAA Division II Playoffs: Don't even try to do the math.

So, Hillsdale College finds itself in 3rd place in the Super Region 3 poll with two weeks left in the season.

Naturally, fans are starting wonder where the Chargers might end up in the seedings IF they can take care of business against 1-8 Ferris State and 0-8 Tiffin.

I have mentioned pretty much any time that I have posted about regional rankings that everything is done through a mathematical formula weighing won-loss record and strength of schedule. The problem lies within the fact that the NCAA doesn't show any of the work that goes into their mathematical handy work. I know one thing. They would have never made it out of my fourth grade class with practices like that.

All week across D2 fandom, but especially on the message board, people have been burning up #2 Ticonderogas and Casio calculator watches trying to replicate the results through home-brewed number crunching. I myself started to do some of the math and the infinite possibilities of who could beat who is just mind-numbing. There have been all kinds of scenarios that have Hillsdale as high as a #3 and yes however remote the chance may be, missing the field all together. Those naysayers are focused on the schedule strength we'll take playing teams with bad records.

Nobody has any definitive answer because nobody really knows all of the parts of the equation and the NCAA doesn't give us any numbers to reverse engineer. It's solitaire with 51 cards. You might end up getting really close, but you will never nail it.

Here is the bottom-line: don't worry about it. Worry about supporting the Chargers in these final two regular-season opportunities for the boys to beat the snot of the Bulldogs and the Dragons. One thing is for certain; losing focus to one of these clubs could instantly wipe out every bit of fun we have had this year. We'll worry about playoff seedings on November 8 when we are all watching ESPNU and hearing "Hillsdale College" announced for the first time in the Chargers' 19 year division II history.

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