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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hillsdale dominates the GLIAC according to Princeton Review Rankings for Academic Rigor, even tops Harvard

According to the Princeton Review, Hillsdale is not only head and shoulders above the rest of the GLIAC academically but ranks near the top among all colleges and universities. Obviously, most of us alumni would have a hard time getting in to The Dale today. Here is how the publication explains the following numbers:
A measure of how hard students work and how much they get back for their efforts, on a scale of 60–99. This rating is calculated from student survey results and statistical information reported by administrators. Factors weighed include how many hours students study outside of the classroom and the quality of students the school attracts. We also considered students' assessments of their professors, class size, student–teacher ratio, use of teaching assistants, amount of class discussion, registration and resources.
Hillsdale - 96
Ashland - 77
Findlay - 76
Lake Erie - 74
Michigan Tech - 74
GVSU - 69
Rest of the conference received less than a 60.

 Here is how Hillsdale's academic rigor compares to some of America's historically top schools.
Hillsdale - 96
Dartmouth: 96
Harvard: 95
Stanford: 94
Brown: 93
Columbia: 92
Penn: 92
Princeton: 91
Duke: 90
Naval Academy: 89
Cornell: 88

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