Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Sunday, October 20, 2013

AEI ARETE: Smartguy Football

Easily my favorite part of the new Hillsdale uniforms are actually the sleeves on the compression tops worn underneath the tech fit jerseys. The sleeves sport the Greek motto "Aei Arete". The motto has been part of the program and the team's expectation for every player for a number of years but really makes a bold statement on the arms.
Aei Arete essentially translates as always do your humanly possible best but teacher Lance Fuhrer offers a much more in depth explanation for his students as they study the concept as part of our Western Heritage. 

 "The most articulated value in Greek culture is areté. Translated as "virtue," the word actually means something closer to "being the best you can be," or "reaching your highest human potential." The term from Homeric times onwards is not gender specific. The man or woman of areté is a person of the highest effectiveness; they use all their faculties: strength, bravery, wit, and deceptiveness, to achieve real results. The concept implies a human-centered universe in which human actions are of paramount importance; the world is a place of conflict and difficulty, and human value and meaning is measured against individual effectiveness in the world."

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Anonymous said...

Give that running back some Skittles. Beast Mode!

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