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Sunday, November 15, 2009

CORRECTION AGAIN: Hillsdale - GVSU Tickets Link

I made a big mistake recommending Charger fans by the $8.00 tickets! $8.00 tickets put you on the edges of the Grand Valley sideline.

If Hillsdale fans want to sit behind the Charger bench, it will cost them a bit more. Grand Valley charges $15 and $12 for those seats.

Prices: $15: Blue
$12: Black
$11: Yellow
$10: Green
$8: Field Level
$6: Standing Room/ Lawn

Huge thanks to Kelly Buth who noticed this error. I apologize if my incorrect information causes any inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the students should most likely buy the black tickets but it might be helpful sending out a message saying that so there is not a divided student section. I know there are quite a few students who are in this group

Andy Losik said...

Probably. This is the problem when you get so picky about who sits where. There is also a hill behind and on both ends of the Chargers side where a lot of GV people stand for the $6 tickets.

Usually the NCAA gives a school 500 tickets so there may be something happening on that front.

Anonymous said...

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