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Sunday, September 20, 2009's Tony Nicolette's Knows how to Call 'Em

Why is Tony Nicolette the best regional columnist at Take a look at how he previewed things the Chargers needed to do in this week's Hillsdale-Indy game, and then look at how well they worked.

Hillsdale Keys:
 "Secondary must get the Stops - While HC isn't giving up tons of yardage, they're not making plays at key times. This is especially true against the pass where the Chargers are near the bottom of the league in terms of pass efficiency defense. That means opposing QB's are completing a high percentage when they do throw, and the Hillsdale D is yielding more big plays than they are making (given up five TD passes and made no interceptions in two league games). This must be fixed."

Hillsdale freshman DB Nick Galvan picked Indy at the Charger 4 to stop a long Hound drive. The line of scrimmage was the 22 and that is as deep at Indy would get all game. The Chargers would intercept Indy on the following drive, this time setting up the ball at the Greyhound 34. 1 passing 1st down for the game for UI. Indy was still 50% throwing at 10/20 but yielded just 45 yards and threw 2 interceptions. Hillsdale forced Indy to go 3 and out 5 of its first 6 possessions.

"Control the Clock - Keeping their defense off the field is a good idea considering some of the struggles its had, and Hillsdale can do this by establishing its offensive rhythm - especially on the ground. UIndy has given up 175 rushing yards per game the last two weeks, so look for HC RB Vinnie Panizzi to have a big day."

Hillsdale won the time of possession battle 34:08 to Indy's 25:52. The Chargers ran the ball 47 times for 218 yards. Vinnie Panizzi had 188 of those himself. Both Charger TDs came on the ground. The Charger defense only had to defend 45 Indy offensive plays. Hillsdale took 79 offensive snaps.

End result equals 23-0 shutout. That's what I call being dialed into the d2 game.


RJ Walters said...

Tony is AWESOME, don't get me wrong. But he also said it was going to be HC 40, Indy 38? I think picking games at any level is becoming harder and harder, unless you have a team like GVSU involved. I mean just look at the USC-Washington game at the D I level this week. Tony's points were well made and I love his stuff, but he still said 78 points would be scored, a far cry from 23. What say you?

Andy Losik said...

I will say this. If Vegas put D2 games on the board and the O/U was even in the 40's nobody would have put a dime on this game game going under that...not with the top two GLIAC passing games and a couple of defenses giving up points like they were. They could have built a new wing on the Bellagio with this thing coming in at 23.

Tony gave key things Hillsdale needed to do to win...and they did. Mere suggestions. Indy didn't do them and lost. Those were "stop the bleeding, turn the car around" kinds of things that are going to be very necessary this week in Ashland.

Andy Losik said...

By the way RJ,

What was your predicted final for this game as published in the HDN?

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