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Tradition • Character • Service

Monday, July 27, 2009

RJ Walters: Young and Hungry, GLIAC Newcomers

RJ Walters

Young and hungry: GLIAC newcomers to watch for in 2009

It’s just 35 days until the Hillsdale College football Chargers take on St. Josephs in their first game of the 2009 season and fans are starting to get antsy, me included. We all want to see if Troy Weatherhead can hold off Anthony Mifsud in the QB department, and freshman like Joe “The Show” Glendening are keeping the “hype-ometer” cranked high.

The truth is the GLIAC isn’t getting any easier, with two preseason Top 10 teams, including the locked and re-loaded Grand Valley State Chargers.

Like any good athletics conference the GLIAC is run by mainly upperclassmen who have paid their dues, but there are always a couple of exceptions.

Here are some new faces to watch out for this season as the Chargers try to continue their success despite the infusion of talent the conference has been receiving.

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