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Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is in the air: Chargers’ spring game offers a look at QB prospects

RJ Walters
Hillsdale Daily News
April 20, 2009

All eyes are on the man under center.

Even though the quarter­back lines up with 10 guys who make his mission possible and he is constantly battling another unit of 11 bruisers, no position in sports may be more revered, or more openly criticized for that matter.

While Sunday’s Hillsdale College spring football game did nothing to convince spectators that Michigan weather can be anything but plain miserable this time of year, it was a perfect rainy day to take stock of four Charger QBs as head coach Keith Otterbein tries to guide his team to the top of the GLIAC If Sunday was any indication, junior to-be Troy Weatherhead is working hard to overcome injury problems and cement his spot as one of the GLIAC’s most reliable gunslingers, while redshirt freshman Anthony Mifsud is already a physical specimen to be reckoned with.

It’s always a luxury to have more than one good option at QB, but the way things are shaping up the Charger coaching staff has plenty of difficult decisions on the near horizon.

Weatherhead and Mifsud, along with the coaches’ son, Brad Otterbein, who will be a junior, and sophomore-to-be Matt Bryan all controlled the snaps for three series Sunday afternoon, just enough of a glimpse to draw some insightful conclusions at the end of Chargers’ spring ball.

With 132 days to go before the team’s road opener at St. Joseph’s College on August 29, here is what Charger fans should know about their favorite gunslingers based on Sunday’s performances.

Troy Weatherhead
Waves of anxiety must have swept through the athletic de­partment earlier this semester when Weatherhead broke his leg in an intramural basket­ball game, fresh off a successful first season in the starting role. It appears everyone can take a deep breath for now though, granted he stays healthy.

Other than a few shaky long balls early on, Weatherhead looked just I like remember him last fall — unshakeable, fairly mobile and blessed with touch that allows him to make almost every throw a QB needs to.

He led the offense to two touchdowns and was only sacked once Sunday, by a Charger front-line that was quick to put pressure on him; and although he nearly threw a pick on a fade route in the back of the end zone, the plays that made you say ‘wow’ easily outweighed the ones that make you shake your head.

He made a pair of beautiful throws into double coverage deep downfield, resulting in 27 and 35 yards bombs to slot­man A.J. Kegg and lanky, speedster Andre Holmes.

He was excellent at sustaining drives, his spirals were tight and he looked right at home barking out plays and communicating with teammates.

He completed six of 10 passes in 21 plays Sunday and gave the crowd every reason to believe his 21 TDs against 10 interceptions in 2008 was no fluke.

If he’s not the clear-cut starter come August I expect a bum knee is the only thing holding him back.

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Anonymous said...

As you might have heard by now, Vince Alentado #42 will not be playing football at Hillsdale. His break caused nerve damage and he will never run again, according to Doctors. Thanks to all of the Charger Family for the outpouring support in these difficult times.


Jose Alentado

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