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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Collegian: Fingers crossed?Super Bowl fuels athletic dreams

Fingers crossed:? Super Bowl fuels athletic dreams
Seniors Waldie, Korte hope to attend pro days at state universities, get drafted into the NFL
By: Andy Buss
Posted: 2/5/09, Hillsdale Collegian

Seniors Aaron Waldie and Tom Korte, like every other football fan in the country, hung out and watched the Super Bowl with friends Sunday.

And as with every other senior in the country, they are looking to land a job after graduation.

The correlation between the Super Bowl and a job hunt is strong. Last weekend Waldie and Korte watch as possible future participants.

"I mean, I think about it," said Waldie, a standout receiver and pro prospect. "I watch all these stars on TV - Larry Fitzgerald, Ben Roethlisberger - I could potentially be playing with these guys next year. Growing up, the pros seemed so high, so far away you know? It's kinda surreal."

Korte, like Waldie, had several NFL teams take a look at him during the 2008 season. He looks beyond the fame and glory of the Super Bowl and takes notice of individual player's origins.

"It's interesting because these guys are at the high point of their pro careers, and I'm at the starting point," he said. "It's pretty inspiring. They do all these stories about where these guys started and where they are now. It's cool to see guys like me and Waldie - they do do something special. It gives us something to look forward to and aspire to ultimately."

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