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Tradition • Character • Service

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

34 Game Winning Streak might be Threatened

I seem to be a great big freaking Jinx lately so I figure now is the perfect time to post this.

It is Halloween....and Grand Valley needs 13 wins to break Hillsdale's D2 record 34 game winning streak. They currently stand at 22 straight wins (overall, not conference, not regular season, overall).

If they win the next two (23, 24), they will be enjoying a first round bye. It will take 4 more to win the national championship (25-28).

If they continue winning to start next season the record could be tied in Erie against Mercyhurst and then broken at home in Allendale against Indianapolis (coached by a former Hillsdale player and coach) on Saturday October 12. It would come 50 years after the record was set.

I wonder if the Lakers continue to win, how long it will be before members of the 1954-57 Hillsdale Dales start showing up on the sidelines of Grand Valley games the way members of the '72 Dolphins do whenever a team gets close to going undefeated.

Yes, Gorilla Nation we all know who snapped Hillsdale's record in the 1957 Holiday Bowl.

It is a long way to go, and I will be sure to listen to every Grand Valley game with my black cat "Lucky". My wife and daughter bought Lucky when I was on a quick trip to Vegas. I quit playing when I got the news. And it's a mighty Good Thing!!!

Lucky slept all spring on my patio/craps table. Subsequently, my year plus long streak of winning with the bones came to a screeching halt in June. Maybe i need to sneak Lucky into Laker Coach Chuck Martin's garage for the night....Ahhh, I would hate to disturb the sleep of Grand Rapids Press writer Howie Beardsley.

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