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Tradition • Character • Service

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spirit Club Bridging the Gap

This was in last week's Collegian. Great effort by non-athletes to bring the Hillsdale campus together! Let's hope this grows and grows!

Spirit Club works to bridge gap

By Maria Schmitt
Hillsdale Collegian
Collegian Freelancer

Look out, athletes – goody baskets and fans are coming your way. Thanks to the new program, My Charger…Our Champs!, athletes can expect a lot more attention and support this year from the student body.

Instated this year by the Spirit Club and the Student Activities Office, the program was created to bring athletes and non-athletes closer by allowing students to “adopt an athlete” for a season.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between students and athletes,” said Rebekah Dell, director of Student Activities.

The idea for the program arose two years ago during the leadership training program for head resident advisors, but the program itself did not become a reality until the administration approved it this year.

The Spirit Club, another product of the leadership training program, is working on creating traditions at Hillsdale College and inciting more school spirit. “It’s been a lot of fun to watch it all come together,” Dell said.

Spirit Club president Anna Ashmore said the program is showing good results so far. “It’s taken flight,” she said. “It’s amazing.”

In a total of three days, all 94 Hillsdale football players had been adopted. Adopters pulled names from a “cup of champs” and signed up to support their athletes for the entire season.

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