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Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillsdale Collegian: Dash of red in works for redesign

Two months after the administration issued a style guide for Hillsdale College staff, the athletic department began discussing changes to logo, color scheme

By: Cody Ewers, Hillsdale Collegian
Posted: 2/28/08

Fueled by recent Hillsdale College marketing changes, coaches discussed new jersey colors and a revamped Charger logo this week.

Possible plans, discussed this week, could result in adding a third color, red, to the Charger blue and white, and a move to redesign the Charger's H-bolt logo.

Two months after the external affairs office created a campus wide style guide, which unifies the college's identity, discussions in the athletic department hint at the widespread impact of the trend, which could overhaul its department identity by next year.

Chris Bachelder, associate vice president of strategic marketing, said the college will take inventory of areas on campus needing standardization, such as scoreboards, publications and the football field logo. Once the guidelines are finalized, he said, they will begin revamping.

"Nothing we have done or will do changes the mission of the college," Bachelder said. "But what will change are the images and words that communicate that timeless mission."

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