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Tradition • Character • Service

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fighting Reagans?! Harner Addresses Nickname Rumors.

I received a nice email this past week from former Charger Mike Harner who now serves as Hillsdale's Chief Staff Officer. He wanted to address some rumors circulating about possible changes coming to Hillsdale's logo, color, and nickname.

The discussion reached the most unreliable of all Division II football messageboards's GLIAC Forum. One "contributor" jokingly guessed the Chargers were changing to the Fighting Reagans. This was followed with quips about Hillsdale being easy to stop because they always RUSH to the RIGHT. Get it? Rush....right.

Harner stated, "Over the past six months we have been reviewing the college’s brand and identity. In that process we looked at every logo, font, color, symbol, etc… associated with Hillsdale College. What we found was a disparate hodge-podge of all of the above. Some rudimentary style changes have been made. We now use minion font, our colors are blue and white, with red as the accepted accent, and we adopted a new tagline: Hillsdale College: Pursuing Truth. Defending Liberty. Since 1844. We did all of this in consultation with one of the largest ad agencies in the world."

The focus now moves to the athletic department and the hodge-podge of logos being used by various teams. "Is a Charger a lightning bolt or a horse?" Harner cites as one key consideration. He reassures us all that when changes come, they will be "minimal".

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