Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tunnels Trump Blowup Dolls

One of the best additions Hillsdale has added to Muddy Waters Stadiums is the player entrance tunnel leading from the locker room to the field. There's nothing classier than to see a sea of blue all jacked up, ready to come bursting onto the field. I'll take the tunnel anyday over the inflatable cartoon characters that lots of schools like to run through now. In the GLiac you can run out a dog's mouth, through a ship's wheel, under a "W", or through a wolf. I will gladly take the tunnel any day. Good job Otter and the rest of the people at Hillsdale for bucking the inflatable trend. What could the Chargers run out of anyway? They don't use the horse image enough. Maybe a big black cloud with lightning bolt slide would have worked, nah! The tunnel is the obvious choice.

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