Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, August 30, 2007's Tony Nicolette: GLIAC Column's Tommy...I mean Tony Nicolette gives his take on the Chargers and Golden Knights as well the rest of the league.

As I mentioned last week, Hillsdale really has a shot to sneak up on some folks this year. Taking care of business in games where they are favored is the best way to prepare themselves for the bigger contests they'll have later in the schedule.

As for the Knights, we'll see quickly how well they are getting acclamated to Coach Kiernan's philosophies.


- Whatever the Knights do on offense, they need to be aware of where Tom Korte is at all times.
- For the Chargers, getting [Mark] Nicolet and his cast of receivers going early will be important. If they are sluggish, it may allow Gannon to hang around longer than they'd like.
- Just who is going to carry the ball for Hillsdale?

Prediction: I feel bad for not giving Gannon much of a chance here, but until I see otherwise I'd say that they are going to struggle to mount many challenges this season. I'm sure Coach Kiernan will do everything he can to prove once again that nearly everything I say has little to no merit. Hillsdale 40, Gannon 7.

Read the rest of the column.

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