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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ross Named Olympic Alternate

1998 Hillsdale College graduate and former Charger football player Jason Ross was named an alternate to the United States olympic bobsled team yesterday. Ross has competed on the World Cup circuit for the past two season, primarily as a pusher in the 4 man events. As an alternate, Ross could replace any of the other pushers at any time, even during the games. Seven other pushers and two pilots were named to the US roster yesterday.

USA Bobsled announced, "The nine men nominated to the team are 2002 4-man Olympic Silver Medalist Todd Hays (Del Rio, TX), Pavle Jovanovic (Tom’s River, NJ), 2002 Olympian Steve Mesler (Buffalo, NY), Brock Kreitzburg (Akron, OH), Steve Holcomb (Park City, UT), 2002 4-man Olympic Silver Medalist Bill Schuffenhauer (Salt Lake City, UT), Curt Tomasevicz (Shelby, NE), Lorenzo Smith III (Kankakee, IL) and 2002 4-man Olympic Silver Medalist Randy Jones (Atlanta, GA)."

Hays and Holcomb are the only drivers, while the rest are pushers. Ross has pushed for Holcomb's USA2 sled this winter and is a workout partner of Hays.

Congratulations to Jason Ross! This is still a great honor. Not wishing any ill will to the rest of Team USA, I still hope things will work out so we can get a chance to see an old Charger pushing for the Red, White, and Blue.

Despite being named as a replacement, Ross and the rest of the US National team are off to St. Moritz, Switzerland for another weekend of World Cup racing.

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