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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

News from Uganda: Hillsdale College to Begin Caning Students

Ahhhhh...isn't the Internet a great place! Of course you know everything you read is true on there.

Like for example, take a look at this littel gem out of Uganda. Yes, Uganda! The 18 year-old mayor story has made Michael Sessions and now Hillsdale known even deep into Africa.

On Monday, in its Entertainment sectionThe Daily Monitor of Kampala, Uganda reported that sure Sessions might be mayor of the town,

"But to his teachers at Hillsdale College where he goes to school, this will not make him different from the rest of his mates and he will still receive the stroke of the cane in case if he tries to be naughty." (full article)

I guess former Charger Tight End and now Dean of Men Aaron Petersen has gotten serious about discipline. Students have griped for generations that the administration is really cracking down. If the reports from the shores of Lake Victoria are true, it sounds like they're crackin' something else too.

I haven't made any phone calls to verify this story, but something tells me a few facts may have gotten lost in at least transition between here and Africa. But, the Monitor's motto is "Truth Everyday".

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