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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RJ's Take on Saturday: Must Read

RJ Walters from the Hillsdale Daily News sheds a little perspective on Saturday's loss to Ashland.

It is too early to say how good of a career Weatherhead might go on to have, but it's also too early to say Weatherhead can't cut it at this level.

Ashland was a playoff team in 2007 for a reason and the GLIAC puts out more pro football players, arena leagues and the CFL included, than any other D-II conference and no coach will argue the game moves extremely fast for newly minted college QBs.

Fans on the other hand have a tendency to think quick and talk quicker. It would be easy to say Weatherhead handed the Eagles a win with the Chargers on the cusp of victory, but sometimes there is no better lesson than failure.

Nicolet failed time and again early on, just look at the team's record, but he lead the Charger's to one of their most successful season's ever in 2007.

The defense will continue to make plays, the coaching staff will do their best to arm Weatherhead for success and just watch-Saturday's heartbreak may turn out to be something Weatherhead looks back at as a turning point in the not-so-distant future.

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