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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael Sessions Clarification

The AP originally reported that Hillsdale Mayor Michael Sessions hacked into the EMU computer system to play his "prank". Eastern Michigan has clarified that he never did HACK into the system but used passwords to delete the other kids' accounts on AIM and He later sent harrassing emails to EMU falsely stating the other student was being less than studious.

A recall movement has begun in Hillsdale. has the police report linked on line and a reader posted a link to it on another Sessions article I posted earlier.

Click here to download.


Anonymous said...

did the townies get to you?

if you read the police report (quite amusing I must say) you'll see the state police referred to it as hacking

if you look up the definition of hacking you'll see it defines what he did as hacking

you call it tomatoe they call it tomato it still tastes the same

was it skilled hacking? by no means, according to the police report a hillsdale school employee was running a key logging program and the perp got the passwords from him

what blows my minds is all the mindless townies excusing the behavior... but i guess that is why they call them townies

love my school but my oh my what a twisted town it is in

Anonymous said...

Eastern Michigan has clarified that he never did HACK into the system but used passwords to delete the other kids' accounts on AIM and

Not to be anually retentive, but here is the definition of hacking:

Hacking means illegally accessing other people's computer systems for destroying, disrupting or carrying out illegal activities on the network or computer systems.

So, I think EMU is saying there system was not compromised, not that the young perp wasn't causing damage (hacking)

Andy Losik said...

Just trying to be fair.

The last Hillsdale related police report I read was the investigation (yeah friggin' right) into the apparent suicide of Lissa Roche. The Hillsdale cops picked up Roche IV for questioning and took him through the drive-through at Burger King where he ordered a WHOPPER before telling his side of the story.

No, I haven't sat down to read the police report. Will do so. I just read an article online about the recall effort and the dude leading the charge got blindsided at the organizational meeting.

Andy Losik said...

Alright, he HACKED.

After reading the police report, my real question is the amount of public resources that went into this thing. The Thomas kid had pulled all kinds of crap on Session. What Mike did was an A-hole move. Absolutely. But does screwing with somebody's email and myspace accounts warrant the involvement of 4 law enforcement agencies and a 6:30 AM search warrant? Thomas even blatantly asked EMU that the thing be dropped. My other thought deals with EMU's police staff after the horrible murder debacle they covered this winter. They were really hungry to show the legitimacy of their organization.

Lots of good people in Hillsdale still.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, because President's Clinton's 'act' was encouraged by his accomplice, you are willing to say his purgery to Congress is no big deal?

The thing that amazes me is can't anyone in Hillsdale take responsibility? What is it with these townies? What was done was a felony and as a law abiding nation, we have to follow the laws of this country... and our elected officials must be held to a higher standard.

Maybe the college can start an "adopt a townie" program, modeled after big brothers. Not sure if ethics is still being taught, but if any area needed it, this is it.

Oh, and the police report, read it again as you missed quite a bit.

You are correct in that Mr. Thomas asked that the charges be dropped, but what you missed was the charges where indeed dropped. The charge plead to was the crime committed against Thomas's mother.

You say there are lots of good people in Hillsdale still... problem is I don't see them. Reading your local online paper, I see what amounts to a mob who stand in the way of legitimate legal process (I am referring to the recall effort). I see elected officials who do not even have a basic grasp of the English language.

Good people accept their responsibilities and the ramifications it brings. They don't make excuses and that is all I am seeing coming out of Hillsdale proper.

Some things never change although at least now I know what I saw as a student was not colored by the eyes of youth.

Andy Losik said...

I am glad can provide space for opinions to be heard.

It's too bad you didn't get the chance to meet the good people that I did and that you classify them all just as townies.

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