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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mayor Apologizes - Recall Dropped

Wow! I never realized that posting a clarification of something the AP had reported vaguely would generate a run on the comments sections. If that is what it takes to get people using it, then it is worth it.

I am going to post this about Michael Sessions and the situation in Hillsdale. Thankfully media is less than an week away and we will have some FOOTBALL to talk about.

Article published Saturday, July 28, 2007 in Toledo Blade.

Hillsdale mayor makes apology for prank e-mail

HILLSDALE — The organizer of an effort to recall Hillsdale Mayor Michael Sessions has backed down after the 19-year-old leader apologized yesterday during a radio interview for a prank e-mail he sent to a former high school classmate’s mother.

Just a day after filing a second recall petition, former Councilman Jeff Buchhop withdrew the petition at the county clerk’s office yesterday.

A first petition was rejected Wednesday for vague language.

Mr. Sessions pleaded no contest July 2 in Hillsdale District Court to an annoyance charge for hacking into his ex-campaign manager’s college e-mail account and sending a malicious e-mail to the ex-classmate’s mother under the ex-manager’s name.

During an extended interview on WCSR Radio yesterday, Mr. Sessions answered a number of questions about the incident and offered an apology that Mr. Buchhop later said was satisfactory to him.


John Simons said...

Is it true this clown is a student at the college? Keeping it on topic, maybe they can use him as a practice dummy?

Andy Losik said...

or put him to work on the school website.

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