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Friday, February 24, 2006

New Mascot Headed to Hillsdale

There was a Collegian article this week about a group of students, led in part by Charger Derek Nelson, who are working hard to infuse more spirit and pride into the campus.

One of the projects the group is pushing includes bringing a mascot to campus. Students will submit ideas to the committee through a ballot distributed through the Collegian. Here is Nelson's take on the initiative from the student paper.

"Nelson, who represented the football team in the Student Leadership Seminar held over winter break, said one of the goals of the seminar was to think of ways to encourage a campus-wide growth of school spirit.

'The easiest thing to do was to have a new mascot,' Nelson said.

The student-led group proposed a ballot (see below) for students to cut out and fill in. Students can turn in the ballots at tables set up outside Curtiss Memorial Dining Hall today and Friday from noon to 1 p.m.

Katy Crissman, director of student activities, said students 'can just write the name of their mascot [with] a description. For example, if someone suggests ‘Mr. Bolt,’ they could describe him as a fierce looking man wearing a spandex outfit with a lightning bolt on it.'

While the mascot would mainly be identified with athletics, Nelson suggested that a mascot could also be present at events such as freshman orientation, parents’ weekend, and other school activities.

'We’re a small campus so it could help with self-identification, to make you feel like you’re on a college campus.'"

Personally, I am hoping "Mr. Bolt" is not the final choice. However, the school could get a sweet deal on a uniform from the dude who used to be "The Man of Teal" for the Charlotte Hornets. Slap some royal blue on it and you're done.

Of course, no attempt to create a better sports atmosphere at the Dale can take place without geeks chiming in with their doubts

Here is junior August Stafford representing, "“Generally, the culture and demographic we have is not one that is interested in sports,” he said. “But if anything, a winning team would help more.”

Yeah whatever August, I guess you don't realize that a significant percentage of your student-body is composed of Varsity athletes while another big chunk plays intramural and pick-up.

Seriously though, this is a positive step to bring some excitement to Hillsdale College. This ought to be fun to see what people come up with.

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