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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hillsdale-Ashland::In Game Update

Thanks to Hillsdale College's campus wide wireless network, I can sit in the stands of Muddy Waters Stadium on a beautiful sunny fall day and bring you scoring updates.

End of First Quarter
Ashland 0 Hillsdale 0

Hillsdale 1st and 10 at the Ashland 20 yard line following a 20 yard Phil Martin draw.
Both defenses are playing exceptionally well. Ashland stopped Hillsdale on the Eagle 24 and the Chargers responded with their own 4th down stand on the next series.

13:21 2nd Quarter
Hillsdale's Matt Menchinger misses 41 yard fieldgoal.

10:11 2nd Quarter
Ashland 7 Hillsdale 0
Ashland's Jon Schroeder takes a draw 40 yard for the touchdown.

5:45 2nd Quarter
Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3

Menchinger connects on a 28 yard fieldgoal
Big play of the drive: 31 yard pass from Nicolet to Swarbick. Nicolet lines up in slot. Direct snap to Martin who hands off to Nicolet who takes the ball on an end around.

Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3
1st Half Stats:
Hillsdale: 17 rushes for 58 yards, Phil Martin 12 carries for 42 yards. Mark Nicolet 11 of 16 for 84 yards
Ashland: 16 rushes 97 yards, Jon Schroeder 6 carries for 52 yards. Nick Strance 8 of 14 yards for 67 yards

5:57 3rd Quarter
Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3
Big Stop Chargers!
Ashland takes delay of game penalty while setting up for 37 yard field goal. Eagles go for it on 4th and 6 on Hillsdale 25. Incomplete.

End of 3rd Quarter
Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3
Ashland 1st and 10 on their own 9 yard line

9:00 4th Quarter
Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3
Big Stop Eagles!
Chargers have 4th and goal at the 5. Ashland intercepts Nicolet in the endzone on a tip.

Ashland 7 Hillsdale 3


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