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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

HDN To Launch Improved Website

On November 1, The Hillsdale Daily News will launch a greatly improved website. That should make it easier for Charger fans to keep up with the happenings in the Dale.

Welcome to Version 3.0
David Pauken
HDN New Media Director

In April 2002, the Hillsdale Daily News took a leap into the future when we renewed our efforts in online publishing, and launched the second version of

It was a modest effort by all media standards, as we leveraged all of the technology and manpower available to us at that time to bring local news, sports and features to an online audience.

We’ve been taking notes since that launch, tweaking every little bit of code and squeezing every drop of effort into our site. Video, photo galleries, weather, special features, bulletin boards, the list goes on. And now, we’re starting over.

A new is on its way.
On Nov. 1, we will launch our redesigned, restructured and reinvented

We had a few goals with this redesign. First, we wanted to take all the latest on friendly Web design and develop it with the reader in mind. Secondly, we wanted to make things a little more dynamic. Including tidbits of information that we just can’t get into print, such as related stories links, extra photos and some feedback features.

We think we’ve reached our goals, and we hope you feel the same. Here are some other things you can expect from the new

Related stories links will provide you with a backlog, just in case you missed the first story.

Improved archives. Check stories from yesterday, last week or last month.

More photo galleries. If a picture tells a thousand words, we’ve got a lot to say. Featured weekly galleries will appear on Saturday.

Improved local sports coverage. We’re talking about some in–depth coverage, from statistics to photos.

Everything will be easy to find. We promise to make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for in three clicks or less.

-RSS and e–mail headlines.
-Movie listings. We’re including movie listings from our local theatre, with some extra features you won’t find in print.
-All together, we’ve added more than 100 new features and improvements.

And please keep watching. Great things are happening at

Thanks for reading,
David M. Pauken
New Media Director

Want a sneak preview of our redesigned site? Click here

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Anonymous said...

Please go back to the old system

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