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Monday, October 31, 2011

Despite win over Northwood, Hillsdale drops 4 spots in Regional Rankings

Even though they beat Northwood on Saturday, the Hillsdale College Chargers see themselves drop 4 spots in the regional rankings thanks to....math.

The NCAA has a formula that bases the rankings on winning percentage, strength of schedule, and opponent strength of schedule. This is criteria for the regional committee to apply. What's Tony Nicolette has done a great job of doing is reminding fans that there is no specific regulation or requirement stating how exactly the math is applied.

Hillsdale played a 2 win football team on Saturday and so that hurt the SOS number. A win over Findlay on this upcoming Saturday will help slightly as the Oilers are 5-4. The big albatross that hangs from the neck of everyone who plays them is winless Tiffin.

Are the playoffs out of the question for Hillsdale this year? Nope, because anything can happen in the final two weeks. As I stated in my post about two wins equals a GLIAC title, all the Chargers can do is take care of their own business. They have to beat Findlay and Tiffin. After that, it's all in the hands of whatever-happens happens.

Do yourself a favor and just simply scratch your heads. No sense in trying to figure this thing out any further.

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