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Friday, June 04, 2010

Aaron Waldie Sighting in Saskatchewan Roughrider Camp

Hillsdale College 2009 grad Aaron Waldie is on the plains of Saskatchewan trying to earn a spot on the Roughriders' roster this week. It sounds like he has some pretty stiff competition.

Riders’ rookie receivers hope to measure up

By Ian Hamilton, Canwest News Service June 3, 2010

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders improved the depth of their import receiving corps during the CFL off-season.

Judging by Thursday’s rookie-camp workout at Mosaic Stadium, they didn’t improve the height. The receivers on the field were Aaron Love (five-foot-eight), Aaron Waldie (five-foot-nine), Dwayne Eley Jr. (five-foot-10), Jeremy Gilchrist (five-foot-10) and Cary Koch (six-feet).

Head coach Ken Miller said one thing the Roughriders wanted to do in the off-season was increase the size of their import receivers — and six-foot-five veteran Prechae Rodriguez (acquired from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats) and six-foot-six rookie Aaron Fairooz (who watched Thursday due to a hamstring injury) fit the bill.

The other rookies will have to do a lot to make sure they measure up. But even then . . .

“Really, they’re at a disadvantage because of the number of quality receivers we have as veterans, not so much their size,” Miller said.

The Roughriders are loaded with non-import receivers like Rob Bagg, Jason Clermont, Andy Fantuz, Chris Getzlaf and David McKoy. But due to roster moves made through the off-season, Saskatchewan has just one import receiver — slotback Weston Dressler — who played a game with the team in 2009.

That prompted the off-season search for import pass-catchers. Now that the recruits are re in town, they all know they’re up against it.

“I look at it as an excellent opportunity,” Waldie said when asked if he felt like a longshot. “This is probably the top receiving corps in the CFL and coming in here and learning from coach (Bob) Dyce first and then when those veterans get in here, it’s going to be just an excellent learning experience for all of us.

“It may be a little tougher to make this team than some of the other teams with maybe not as good a receiving corps, but I’m up to the challenge. It’s only going to bring out the best in me.”

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