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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Amazing Road Life of the NFL Draftee

Take a look at the draft journal put together by Hillsdale's Jared Veldheer as he closes in on this weekend's NFL Draft. He has been on an incredible odyssey these past couple of weeks and the mayhem is just beginning.

Jared Veldheer for


Dear Journal,

Sorry I am late checking in this week. Things have been very busy.

Coach Warhawk from the Browns came in a couple Mondays ago and we did a lot of work in the classroom. We went over all of the fronts and he called me up to the board. We were on the board for two hours and didn’t watch any film. Then we went to the field and did some workouts down there. That went well. We worked on some run stuff, punches, and sets. I got positive feedback from that.

Tuesday morning I left to go to Philadelphia. It was great. I met with the line coach Castillo. I was able to watch some of their workouts and talk with Andy Reid a little. Everything went real well in Philadelphia.

Then I flew out to Denver and me with their offensives line coach and offensive coordinator in the meeting room. I watched tape of their guys. He installed one of their pass protections and power play and then would ask me to show him calls on tape. I met with Coach McDaniels briefly and that went well.

I left Denver and got in to Oakland late. The next morning I visited with their offensive line coach. I chatted briefly. He had already come to work me out at Hillsdale so we were already familiar. I talked with Coach Cable a little bit and their strength coach. I met Al Davis. He said he watched my tape and likes the way I play and likes me and wants to win another Super Bowl ring.

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