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Tradition • Character • Service

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FJ Gaylor and Higher Ed Photography for Recruitment need some help from the Charger Nation

FJ Gaylor and Higher Ed Photography for Recruitment were in Hillsdale this past Homecoming and got some great shots for the college to use in its recruiting materials.

FJ has asked for our help in deciding which of the above images will make the cut for his website's main page. Here is the post from his blog.

Click on the image to see larger.

It's that time of year again, time to add fresh images to the main website, . It is quite a chore to go through several thousand images and pick the ones that are worthy of going on the website.

After picking out several hundred images that we like, there is another round of editing and tagging into categories. Some of the categories are buildings, details, inside campus life, outside campus life, dorms, athletics, faculty, classroom, Faculty-Student Interaction, and more.

Then there's the process of getting rid of most of the images that are currently on the site. This is extremely painful, as most are really only about 6-7 months old...

It's strange the amount of athletcis images in the fall as opposed to the spring. We seem to have a bunch of football images this fall.

There are six images above that I have to whittle down to one to put on the website.

Would appreciate everyone's thoughts, don't hold back, I've got pretty thick skin.

To see our entire online portfolio of admissions marketing photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Visit FJ's blog to leave your feedback. See if you picked the same one I did.

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