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Friday, July 18, 2008

Zionsville Times Sentinel: Nicolet to Play Football in Europe

Nicolet to play football in Europe
By Jim Johnson/For the Times Sentinel | Link to original article.

When the Detroit Lions invited 2004 Zionsville Community High School graduate Mark Nicolet to their rookie camp, he immediately said “yes.”

He was just one of two quarterbacks at the camp playing for a position on the team.

“We could have played a game,” Nicolet said. “We covered that much material.”

The camp took place during the first week of May.

“There were no veterans there,” Nicolet said. “We were treated like the Detroit Lions.”

Nicolet recently graduated from Hillsdale College with a degree in finance management. He also played for the Division II Hillsdale College football team.

“It was great,” Nicolet said. “I started the last half of the first two seasons.”

Nicolet said he only started the second half of those seasons because of injuries, but was able to start his final two seasons.

In his finals season he received All-American and Conference Player of the Year Honors. He broke seven school records while at Hillsdale.

The Lions decided to go with a different quarterback, but the opportunity for Nicolet to play football wasn’t over.

Nicolet went to Tulsa, Okla., to play for the Talons. He only played one game as back-up quarterback.

“They just needed me for that one game to be back-up,” Nicolet said. “I learned a bunch in just a couple days.”

Nicolet will take yet another opportunity to play football.

On Thursday, July 17, Nicolet will leave for Sweden to play for a football team in Europe.

“It’s an opportunity to play football,” Nicolet said. “The timing is good and I can continue to improve and get experience and prove myself as a quarterback.”

Nicolet will be in Sweden for two months where he will play in about five games and possibly two playoff games.

After that, if an NFL team comes calling he’ll take the opportunity.

“Right now, that’s my goal,” Nicolet said.

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mikr said...

mark is an awsome guy he deserves the best out of this. thats what hard work does for you

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