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Tradition • Character • Service

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Chargers Rock and Numbers Say So.

Hillsdale Daily News

The Chargers rock and the numbers say so

RJ Walters, Sports Writer

In an era of YouTube highliught reels and Sportscenter updates showing the sickest plays of the day every 30 minutes, the numbers sometimes get lost.

The numbers that some of us used to memorize off of old Topps baseball cards, the same numbers that people are elected into the Hall of Fame because of. And of course the numbers that comprise the box scores that people have anxiously scrolled through for years.

Nowadays it seems like the “seeing eye test” is used or people turn their attention to wherever the magical media wand is waved.

I guess I’m just a young old–schooler who likes to be able to back up my claims. That said I have been thoroughly impressed by Charger athletics since I got here in September and here are hard numbers to validate my thoughts.

.724– The total combined winning percentage of the Hillsdale mens and womens basketball teams, the football team and the volleyball team last season. The only GLIAC school to outdo the Chargers is Grand Valley.


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