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Tradition • Character • Service

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Done Deal: Incumbent Cancels Recount, Mayor Sessions set to be Sworn-in Monday

After initially filing papers for a recount, Hillsdale incumbent Mayor Doug Ingles called off his challenge yesterday. A special city council meeting was called to decide whether Michael Sessions, the 18 year old who had apparently won a 2 vote victory should still be sworn into office as America's youngest mayor on Monday in lieu of the recount. During the meeting Ingles announced he would not stand in the way anymore and that the swearing-in should proceed as planned.

Ingles stated earlier that he had challenged the election due to questions about the equipment and legitimacy of the votes. He did not elaborate on his decision to cancel the recount but did tell the press," "I wish Mayor-elect Sessions good luck and much success and offer my support in every way that I can."

WLNS Channel 6 report
USA Today's coverage

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