Tradition • Character • Service

Tradition • Character • Service

Thursday, April 14, 2005

4-7 Not Enough

By Andrea Yeutter
Hillsdale Collegian

April 7, 2005

“4-7, 4-7, 4-7 ain't good enough,” read the words emblazoned on the workout shirts of the Charger football team—players and coaches alike—during the 2004-2005 off-season. To add a dash of extra humiliation, the shirts are pink.

Head Coach Keith Otterbein said he chose the shirts to serve as both an embarrassment and a motivation to the team.

“I want [the team] to be a little embarrassed by the fact that we've been 4-7 for three years because we should've been better than that,” Otterbein said.

“We're embarrassed [by the shirts] but we're also inspired by them because we don't want another 4-7 on the bottom,” said junior co-captain Chad Gurica.

After 75 meetings with individual players at the close of last season, Otterbein said one thing became clear: Training during the off-season needed to be tougher.

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