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Tradition • Character • Service

Friday, January 07, 2005

Commentary: Scholarship Reductions Hurt Division II

By Brandon Misener

It seems that there is a discussion about scholarship reductions in Division 2 every year. Unlike then years ago, when a 10% across the board reduction was legislated by the Division 2 membership as an across-the-boards cost reduction, lately scholarship reductions tend to focus exclusively on football.
Football is an easy target. Some administrators salivate come reduction time when they see that football can offer 36 scholarships.

It is the premier sport at many institutions and sets the tone for the entire athletic year. A good football season can have a spillover effect to the other sports. A bad season can have a negative effect on the other sports.

Football usually receives the greatest amount of publicity from the local media as well. The Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News is more likely to do multiple stories on great RMAC football teams than they would on great RMAC basketball teams.

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