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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Super Region 3 Shakeup

A lot of moving and shaking across the region this weekend. No telling where Hillsdale might land but with three teams losing ahead of them, it's going to be up.  We will have to wait until Monday afternoon to see where everyone is.

Super Region 3
Team Region Overall
1. CSU-Pueblo 9-0 10-0 won
2. Nebraska-Kearney 9-1 9-1 won
3. St. Cloud 7-2 8-2 LOST
4. Saginaw Valley 7-2 7-2 won
5. Minnesota Duluth 8-2 8-2 won
6. Ashland 6-4 6-4 LOST
7. Wayne State (Mich.) 8-2 won
8. Indianapolis 7-3 7-3 Lost
9. Minnesota State 8-2 8-2 WON
10. Hillsdale 7-3 7-3 WON    


Anonymous said...

I am curious what the ranking formula is. Is it overly complex or is it something like a point total for first tier (points for teams that you beat) plus second tier (points for each team that you beat, beat)? I saw your tweet that an Indy win was good for Hillsdale as it applies to strength of conference. Personally, I was rooting against Indy for the outright conference win. What kind of a chance do we have based on Tiffin being so week. Who do we need to win? I assume everyone we beat. Is that correct?

Andy Losik said...

It's Exedrin inducing complicated with strength of schedule based on basically what you outlined but much fuzzier and vaguer.

Yes, an Indy win would have given us the South lead outright but that would still have us tied for the overall league title lead with Indy and Saginaw. Because we didn't play Indy, their win wouldn't have helped us and would have reduced our SOS by weakening Wayne State's percentage.

The fuzziness comes into play when we realize this is just a guideline and how the regional committee applies it up to them.

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